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Hard Rock Cafe NYC

Now in its 15th year in NYC, ALTSO’s Rocktoberfest events unite over 2,000 professionals from the alternative investments and related financial services industries for a night of rock & roll and acoustic music. This year ALTSO is excited to announce the inaugural ALTSO UK Rocktoberfest-London in support of ALTSO’s mission and the 17,000+ children treated so far.


ALTSO provides free life-changing prosthetic limbs and corrective surgery to children suffering from traumatic or congenital limb disabilities in the developing world – at an average cost of only $250 per child. And we stand beside our kids all the way until they turn 21.

The average ALTSO family earns about $3 a day, and lives approximately 1 to 3 miles away from the closest school. With no access to transportation, if a child can’t walk, they simply can’t go to school. If they can’t go to school, they can’t get a job. If they can’t get a job, they can’t sustain a family.  This is the reality for children with untreated limb disabilities in the developing world.  For ALTSO’s CoolKids, mobility is more than movement. Mobility is access to education, future employment and the chance to live self-sufficiently. Mobility is hope, dignity and independence.

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