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About this event:

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TechNexus Chicago 20 N. Upper Wacker Dr #1200 Chicago, IL 60606

Attract, Engage, Convert:
Executing a Marketing Strategy for FinTech Firms
Sponsored by Gate 39 Media

Learn how financial industry professionals use content marketing, marketing automation, and CRM sales tools to generate leads and earn customers.


Enjoy a panel session moderated by Michael Cavanaugh of FinTex Chicago to discuss key marketing challenges with guest members of the financial industry, including:

  • How content and education attracts and retains potential customers through video, audio, blogs and articles
  • Creating offers and landing pages that convert
  • Use of social media, email, advertising and more to continue engagement
  • Techniques and tools to continue the conversation
  • Using automation to convert leads to customers
  • Importance of a sales process
  • Enabling your CRM for any type of business
  • Leveraging HubSpot Sales tools


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