Financial Industry Expert Michael P. Ernst Addresses Key Concepts of Market Cycle Management in New Book


Compelled by the realities of the current market environment, lofty equity and real estate prices, record high government and corporate debt levels, and the Federal Reserve Bank’s recent interest rate hikes, Mr. Ernst has leveraged his deep industry experience into a guide for investors who recognize that to help improve outcomes in a changing economy, emotional bias must be removed from market decisions.

“A static buy and hold approach in a market that is increasingly dynamic is antiquated,” said Michael P. Ernst, founder and CEO of Ernst & Co. Wealth Management, LLC. “Today, prudent risk management and capital preservation strategies are paramount to protecting investor’s long term interests and defending gains”.

A 24-year investment professional who began his career at Morgan Stanley, Ernst states, “While diversification is an important concept, being diversified between stocks, bonds and cash alone may not be enough. Diversifying by investment style and across sectors, geographies, and asset classes can help insulate portfolios from market uncertainty and improve the potential for better outcomes.”

“The most common missing ingredient is conviction, which is essential in staying the course.” Ernst said. “The problem is that most investors lack conviction and do not stay the course when the market gets dicey.” The Adaptive Investment Portfolio offers a disciplined approach with roots based in financial economics and academic research, one which investors can employ to enhance returns and mitigate losses.

By controlling the emotional reaction to major market moves and building a simple but effective diversified strategy, Ernst believes investors can not only preserve capital but build an adaptive portfolio that can handle changing markets.

The Adaptive Investment Portfolio is set to be released in November 2018 and will be available through and as well as most major booksellers.

About Michael P. Ernst: 

Michael P. Ernst is the founder and CEO of Ernst & Co. Wealth Management, LLC a fee-only, Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) in Manhattan Beach, California. He started his career at Morgan Stanley over 24 years ago, mentored by a Barron’s Top 100 Advisor and an investment advisor to Bill Gross of Janus Capital (previously Pimco). That education helped develop his expertise on how to best help clients navigate market cycles and meet their most important financial goals with specific risk management, asset diversification and growth strategies. Learn more at