The Influence of Luck In Your Career


At Gate 39 Media, we surveyed just a few of our agency team members to get their take on the idea of luck playing into their overall career successes.

This year, while St. Patrick’s Day may essentially be canceled, we nevertheless strive to maintain a positive perspective and celebrate the human spirit which adds value to our lives and into our agency.

Luck is defined as success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions. It’s an interesting concept surrounding risk and chance and many people these days still believe in luck. According to the BBC, research has suggested that people who think of themselves as lucky really are lucky because they are more optimistic and willing to take advantage of opportunities.

Sarah McNabb, Chief Marketing Officer

“Hard work, perseverance and an uncomfortable level of courage is necessary to make big things happen and open new doors that others might deem ‘lucky’. For example, in the past few months I’ve stepped outside of my comfort zone to say yes to more public speaking engagements even though I’m not 100% comfortable as a public speaker. But, as I rise to these occasions, the more rewarding they become and the more doors they open for me. That’s not luck. That’s hard work and accepting the challenge…even if your hands sweat.”

Megan Smith, Client Services Manager

“Luck is only a small sliver of the pizza pie in my case. Luck had me looking for a new job at the exact moment Gate 39 had a job opening that I was qualified for. But with a ton of blood, sweat and tears, the job I was hired for has turned into my career. A career that I love and am passionate about.”


Jalyssa Woodall, Digital Marketing Specialist

“Only luck I believe in is Lucky Charms (aka my favorite cereal). When it comes to my career, I believe I’ve been successful because of God, manifesting, and having a positive attitude. I believe when you put good out, you get good back. And when things arise that aren’t so “good” you should view those experiences as speed bumps and lessons – opposed to roadblocks and failures.”


Carolyn Beatty, Administrative Rock Star

“I feel lucky to be a part of the Gate 39 Media team, and I feel lucky to have had all the experiences I have in my professional life. But realistically, I know it was all a combination of confidence and good timing. I haven’t always ‘lucked out’ – my hard work hasn’t always paid off in ways I’ve hoped. But those magical moments where opportunity and intention come together to create a lightning-strike, those are what keep propelling me forward.”

Nick Landsberger, Lead Designer

Obi-Wan Kenobi once said, “In my experience there’s no such thing as luck.” Perhaps, but it sure helps! I think we have to make our own luck. Whether that’s how we manage to handle ourselves during bad experiences or how we seize upon spontaneous opportunities when they present themselves, luck is always what these events can be attributed to, good luck or bad luck. I think the lucky people are the ones who can recognize and act on opportunities that other will let pass by.


As an agency we could say that we’re lucky to have a talented team in place to ensure the success of our financial, agricultural, and professional services clients, but it’s 100% due to the insight, dedication, continuous skill-sharpening, intellectual curiosity, and hard work that everyone contributes that achieves results rooted in reason.

From the entire team at Gate 39 Media we wish you a safe St. Patrick’s Day!

Get to know the Gate 39 Media Team and let’s help create some strategic, carefully thought-out “luck” around your website, marketing, and lead generation campaigns.

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