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How Gate 39 Media Transformed the Futures Industry Association’s Data Hub to Streamline and Modernize Its Work

Top Trading Education Firm Restructures How They Deliver Customer Service Using HubSpot’s CRM, Data Analytics, and Service Hub Pro

Before Gate 39 Media

  • The firm relied only on email and incoming calls to receive, organize, and reply to customer support requests, resulting in disorganization for the 5-person support team.
  • No metrics on support request volume, time to first agent response, or time to close.
  • No process for categorizing and tracking types of support requests.
  • No clear boundaries for support request ownership.
  • Limited self-service options via Live Chat.

Gate 39 Media’s Solution

  • Step 1:    Gate 39 Media built out a ticket pipeline that could provide needed structure to the firm’s customer support process, including defining what a ticket meant for their team, when it should be created, when it should be closed, and who should own it.
  • Step 2:    With a support ticket pipeline now built, any conversations that matched the firm’s support categories could quickly be turned into tickets using the Conversations Inbox within HubSpot. The support team now had one unified interface for both email and form requests.
  • Step 3:    The firm was using a basic chat system that Gate 39 Media upgraded to become a full triage system, knowledge base lookup for a self-service experience, a ticket creator so the entire support team had one source of truth, live chat, and extended it to be a sales support tool to direct visitors needing sales assistance.
  • Step 4:    As the final step, full training was provided to the firm’s support team. Gate 39 Media built out a custom reference deck, outlining the new process with flowcharts and provided a live onboarding and training session for the team, walking them through each feature.

Gate 39 Media’s Impact

  • Self-service triage workflows have helped improve the user experience
  • Full integration between marketing, sales, and service has helped streamline operations
  • Structured support process with defined owners and workflows has elevated efficiencies

Through new and valuable access to insights and data analytics, the firm now has access to clear data, presented in visual dashboards, related to:

  • Average time to close tickets, chats, and conversations
  • Support volume – both in total and by type
  • Chat wait times
  • Most viewed knowledge articles
  • And more data-driven insights within HubSpot

The ability for the firm to report on support requests, including crucial data points which can be used to continuously improve the customer experience.

Large Asset Management Firm Experiences Boost in
Email Click-Through Rates (CTR)

Before Gate 39 Media

  • Gate 39 Media reimagined the firm’s email design, implementing best-practices and a powerful CTA strategy
  • Many emails either failed to offer a call-to-action or the CTAs were buried below text
  • Email copy length was extremely long, discouraging contacts who prefer to quickly skim for key points from reviewing the content or offer

Gate 39 Media’s Solution

  • Gate 39 Media reimagined the firm’s email design, implementing best-practices and a powerful CTA strategy
  • Several custom email design templates were built in HubSpot to ensure future emails followed the new vision and were easily cloneable for future use. Specific recommendations were made to reduce the firm’s text-heavy copy to key, salient points for faster reading
  • All optimizations were developed by the Gate 39 Media marketing and design team to meet the brand guidelines and compliance requirements of the asset management firm

Gate 39 Media’s Impact

  • Immediately following the implementation of their new email strategy, the firm’s click-through rate jumped from 4% to 10% in just one month
  • Recommended optimizations ensured emails were short, had one clear CTA, and directed contacts back to the firm’s website
  • Redesigned email templates saved the firm’s marketing team time and effort

Top Payment Processor Discovers Surprising Lead Gen Opportunity After Using Marketing Automation To Track Offline ROI

Before Gate 39 Media

  • Firm relied on traditional, outbound forms of marketing, like tradeshows, to drive revenue, but could not use HubSpot to track offline ROI
  • No properties or workflows for segmenting leads by tradeshow
  • No formal process for how teams should import offline data
  • No ROI view on tradeshows for executive leadership

Gate 39 Media’s Solution

  • Step 1:    Determine how to provide context to offline digital efforts leveraging HubSpot’s custom properties
  • Step 2:    Set up automations to manage offline data in order to reduce human error
  • Step 3:    Identify and define each step a team member needs to take when importing new leads by spreadsheet or syncing to their Salesforce integration
  • Step 4:    With accurate data in place, determine who needed to see what data and then create custom reports and dashboards that would best tell the story of that data

Gate 39 Media’s Impact

  • Clearer data to illuminate the true effectiveness of the firm’s offline marketing activities, particularly tradeshow exhibits
  • Every team member understands the data input process
  • Workflows automate everything that does not need direct human intervention
  • Reporting dashboards provide company executives with the data they need to make informed decisions on BOTH offline and digital marketing strategies

The Lightbulb Moment

Though the client largely focused their marketing efforts on tradeshows, the data captured during this project provided an interesting new insight… they had lots of free, organic traffic visiting their website each month, but the number of visitors that would convert into leads was minimal compared to the number of leads captured at trade shows. Organic website traffic is free and occurs 24/7, 365 days per year, while tradeshows can be expensive, time- consuming and fleeting. Thanks to this insight, converting more of their existing website traffic into actual leads became a low-cost, quick, and obvious priority for the marketing team… a surprising twist in their mission to better manage offline data.

“The agency’s HubSpot team helped us develop an entirely new process for capturing offline marketing data and seeing our true return on investment. Now, we have a solid foundation for offline data tracking and reporting that our team can understand. Plus, we have new insights on how that offline data compares to our digital efforts.”

Head of Demand Generation

Top Payment Processor, California

Specialized Insurance Firm Sees Increase in Qualified Leads Following Website Re-Design and PPC Ad Management

Before Gate 39 Media

  • Outdated website did not align with the main brand and did not support inbound marketing, blog had no categorization, featured images, or intuitive formatting
  • Content needed to be edited for conciseness, keywords, and optimized messaging
  • Lack of key practice area pillar page content to support SEO, lack of calls-to-action
  • Insurance firm team had little control over updates to the website content
  • No clear expert management of paid Google Pay-Per-Click Ads

Gate 39 Media’s Solution

  • Created a custom, clean, modern, and device-responsive website design that aligned to the firm’s brand guideline and improved the user experience
  • Worked closely with the firm’s team to edit content and messaging with a focus on client benefits, and added in clear calls-to-action for lead generation HubSpot offer
  • Developed website using WordPress, the most popular CMS solution and provided training to the firm’s marketing team to easily add, modify and manage website content
  • Restructured the HubSpot blog to organize educational and thought leadership content, providing categories, featured images, and an easy means of updating content
  • Provided updated social media profile images to ensure overall brand consistency
  • Google Certified AdWords specialist optimized pay-per-click (PPC) account to support search and set up new campaigns for ongoing monthly management and reporting

Gate 39 Media’s Impact

  • Following the website launch, the firm saw an increase in website visitor traffic, form submissions on lead generation offers and contact forms, and direct positive feedback from existing clients
  • The website structure and CMS provided a basis for the internal firm team to be able to manage and grow digital communications while being able to measure data and metrics from inbound marketing efforts
  • HubSpot continues to be leveraged for the blog structure, website tracking, and all measurable inbound marketing and social media campaigns
  • Ongoing PPC account management and monthly reporting continues to be leveraged by the firm

“Extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Gate 39 has been wonderful to work with! We have worked together on a few different projects as well as ongoing services and with everything they do I am very impressed!

We hired Gate 39 to do a website redesign, after being blown away by the website they created for us, we asked them to also take on our PPC and do some content design work for us. I am very pleased with the PPC work they have done for us. Not only are we getting more results and qualified leads but they provide us with clear easy to follow reports each month which I can share with my entire team.

When choosing an agency it was important to me to partner with someone who had great communication and collaboration. The entire Gate 39 team has been amazing to work with and communicates every detail promplty and effectively every step of the way.”

Digital Marketing Manager

Specialized Insurance Firm in Illinois

Leading Insurance Solutions Provider Delighted to Generate Leads through An Integrated Marketing Campaign

Before Gate 39 Media

  • The firm’s internal teams had not previously been successful in generating leads and needed assistance from Gate 39 Media
  • The firm did not have capacity to create and implement a specific, measurable, time-based campaign
  • Few processes were in place for developing an integrated lead generation campaign using content and multiple channels of promotion (web, social, email)
  • The firm’s CRM was not being utilized for tracking digital marketing campaign performance or lead generation
  • An overall lack of key calls-to-action in overall web, blog, and social content
  • No management of social LinkedIn efforts to generate leads or connect with the well-defined niche audience

Gate 39 Media’s Solution

  • Gate 39 Media worked with the firm to create 3 unique downloadable offers targeted to conference attendees in the event platform (including a case study, a fact sheet, and a consulting and technology overview) blog posts, a series of pre- and post-event emails, and weeks’ worth of promotional social posts leading up to and following the event
  • Working closely with the firm’s team to edit content and messaging with a focus on client benefits, Gate 39 Media included trackable calls-to-action on each piece of content
  • Gate 39 Media developed landing pages using HubSpot and set up a dedicated campaign in HubSpot to track and report on all conference engagement and lead generation efforts
  • Gate 39 Media provided on-brand social media images to support conference content posts
  • Gate 39 Media guided the insurance team in promoting the conference to a specific audience of professionals through a highly targeted LinkedIn campaign

Gate 39 Media’s Impact

  • According to the event platform, the 3 unique prepared conference assets had 147 total downloads with many attendees downloading multiple assets
  • Conference content related HubSpot landing pages produced 45 form submissions
  • Campaign emails resulted in 750 opens – a 14% open rate
  • Campaign emails resulted in 70 email click-throughs – a 14% CTR, which is higher than the insurance industry’s national average CTR of 2.13% (source)
  • In three months, the database grew from 2039 contacts to 3856 contacts – an 89% increase
  • During the same period, the blog generated 1,454 new web sessions with 18 active leads for a complex flood insurance solution
  • HubSpot continues to be leveraged for website traffic tracking, and all measurable inbound marketing and social media campaigns.