Begin Marketing Your Alternative Investment Startup


You started from scratch, maybe you’ve traded your own capital and have started building a track record. You have been happy with your results, and believe your program can potentially provide value for qualified investors.

The only problem is: You don’t have any investors… As an alternative investment startup, it’s not uncommon to run a business from home, but you can’t wait around for the phone to ring – you must be proactive and get out there to market your business.

Your alternative investment program is but one of thousands, and building it into the powerhouse you know it can be will take time and perseverance. Your primary hurdle when getting started is getting your alternative investment program in front of as many qualified prospects as possible.

Here are five simple steps you can take right now to start getting your name and program out there:

  1. Build a marketing plan.

Putting up good numbers and simply hoping they will come is not going to get you very far. You need to be proactive about building your program, and getting it out in front of potential investors. A basic yet solid marketing plan will include a website, email marketing, a tear sheet, and pitchbook. Like any worthwhile endeavor, a minute of planning can save 10 minutes of execution. Figure out who you want to market to, how you will market to them, and then execute.

  1. Meet with advisors and brokers.

An introducing broker that specializes in alternative investments can be a significant asset when it comes to raising AUM. Spend the money necessary to produce professional and effective marketing materials, and get those materials in front of as many introducing brokers as possible. Another great way to use IBs is to offer to give a webinar or presentation to their clients about your program. Offering to host a free “Lunch & Learn” session at the IB’s office is one way to present your program to the IB’s clients, at the minimal cost of providing lunch.

  1. Attend conferences and events.

When you are looking to grow your alternative investment program, you need to get it in front of as many qualified prospects and allocators as possible. What are some ways you can do this? Attending and networking at alternative investment seminars or various investment conferences is a good start. You can also register your program with alternative investment databases.

  1. Use the power of education.

An educated customer is a better customer. Look to educate your potential clients on the possible benefits of managed futures. Put together a white paper on managed futures, for example, or provide clients with information on how managed futures may potentially add diversification to a portfolio.

  1. Create visibility.

A simple way to gain more exposure for your program is to produce high quality content and post that content on social media or other content publishing platforms and industry news sites. Perhaps write a regular market commentary piece and have it posted on various stock market, managed futures or investment sites or forums, like SeekingAlpha (and share on social media). There are many sites which will allow you to post content for free and potentially get your company name in front of thousands or even millions of people.

With proper planning, time and perseverance, you have the potential to build your fund or alternative investment program into a powerhouse.

It all starts with a plan.

Implementing an effective marketing strategy can get your program in front of the right prospects – but it all starts with a road map for your journey. Be sure to take time to plan!