2017 Marketing Automation: An Infographic Report


Marketing automation is a process that leverages software to execute marketing actions automatically — without manual effort. It can cover a wide variety of actions, from publishing social media posts, to sending out emails, to delivering leads to your CRM, and triggering sales task alerts.

One of the wonders of marketing automation is that it can nurture prospects through timed, personalized content designed to pull prospects deeper into the marketing funnel by inviting them to complete additional calls to action.

Additionally, marketing automation results in major operational efficiency — it saves marketers LOTS of time.

According to IMPACT*:

  • When you automate your social posts and ads, on average, you save more than 6 hours per week
  • You can increase your reply rate by 250% by automating your outreach and follow up emails
  • You can save 80% more time by setting client appointments or meeting with an automated tool

Using various sources, we created an infographic with key stats on the role of marketing automation in 2017; here’s what we found:

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*IMPACT – https://www.impactbnd.com/blog/save-time-and-money-marketing-automation-infographic



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