Hedge fund managers and CTAs must create a strong first impression when presenting a strategy to investors.

A hedge fund pitchbook is a key marketing tool used by funds, money managers, wealth managers, and CTAs which highlights the unique value of their investment program to prospective clients and investors. A pitchbook elegantly provides an overview and analysis of a program strategy and performance, and provides insight into the expertise of the strategy’s principals.

Our hedge fund pitchbook presentations are designed to educate and entice potential investors without overwhelming them with detail. We’ll tell the story of your strategy in a clear, professional presentation and deliver it in an editable format.

Our Proven Pitchbook Process

1. Kickoff Meeting

After a kick-off meeting with you, we’ll ask for your disclosure document, offering memorandum, and other collateral that describes your program to help us get perspective on your strategy and value. We’ll also discuss design expectations and any special visual directives.

2. Discovery

Our professional financial content writer will conduct a phone interview with you to pinpoint your differentiation points and program highlights to accurately tell your fund story.

3. Content Draft

After Discovery, our writer will draft the majority of the pitchbook content in a blank deck for your review and feedback. Once your content is refined and you’ve approved it, the pitchbook will officially enter the design phase.

4. Design Concept

After the initial kick-off meeting where we explore your overall design expectations, we’ll collect any logo files, fonts, and other directives to create a uniquely custom design concept using 4-5 pitchbook slides. You’ll be presented with the initial design concept for review and approval.

5. Full Design

Once your custom design concept meets with your approval, it will then be applied to the entire approved content deck. It is in this step that we’ll also drop in your monthly and annual performance charts or supporting data sets that help to validate your program.

6. Final Deliverable

Your fully finished pitchbook will be presented to you for review and upon final approval will be delivered to you in an editable PowerPoint file format, so you can easily update key information and monthly performance ahead of your next pitch.

Pitchbook FAQs

If you are a fund manager or CTA seeking to build AUM, a pitchbook is THE sales tool you will use to “pitch” your strategy and tell your story. Pitchbooks are a financial industry standard and are integral in helping you raise assets.

Download Pitchbook Samples

A pitchbook is NOT intended to be a downloadable offering on your website, but is rather your personal selling tool. You should have an up-to-date pitchbook presentation ready for any “pitches” you give to potential clients and investors. This could be a presentation in front of a roomful of people, one-on-one, or by sending a warm lead your digital pitchbook PDF file via email ahead of or after a conversation.

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Not exactly. A successful pitchbook requires a notable amount of time and attention to properly craft the right TYPE of content, the right AMOUNT of content, the right ORDER to the content, and employ the right methods to visually DISPLAY the content — all while keeping compliance and regulatory rules in mind. This artisan-type of approach to developing a successful pitchbook is not easy to get right without the help of experienced professionals versed across financial content writing, and design.

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Sure, you can absolutely create your own pitchbook. However, it is our experience that fund managers and CTAs would rather be focused on reaching out to their clients and investors and managing their book of business rather than trying to take on the added role for marketer. The initial investment in a professionally created pitchbook is earned back in the time the manager can dedicate to their clients in addition to the success they’ll see using a professionally crafted pitchbook.

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A fund pitchbook is not intended to spill all of a fund program’s “secret sauce” but is a pivotal selling tool designed to ignite more meaningful next-step conversations between a would-be client and the fund manager. For all intents and purposes, it is an outline of your strategy that highlights your key differentiation and tells your story, including components of your strategy, characteristics of how opportunities are discovered, and information on management.

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This depends on the CTA or fund manager and if they’re new and emerging, or established, but typically the range of slides for a professional pitchbook is between 20-25 with large fonts and graphics to make them compelling. You can choose to add additional slides to highlight trades and strategies, or for specialized funds such as real estate, but the initial presentation should be tight and focused for a 30 minute “pitch”.

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Over the past 10 years, we’ve honed in on a proven process and formula for creating professional pitchbooks for hedge fund managers and CTAs. Our knowledge and process comes from speaking with allocators, sitting in on pitches and first-hand experience at management conferences to develop what we believe is a winning base format. This is backed by the compliments we receive from both managers and allocators, and the referrals we receive from across the financial industry.

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“I needed a pitchbook created on short notice for an upcoming conference. I turned to Gate 39 Media because they came well recommended. They got the pitchbook done, and it looked great! In fact, one client even said it looked like a pitchbook from a billion dollar hedge fund!”

– Carl Rothenbacher, Red River Capital

Pitchbook Services

Design Only Starting at $3,500

Content + Design Starting at $6,000

Your pitchbook is customized to fit your specific business. We don’t use pre-existing templates or off-the-shelf themes. We fully customize a pitchbook that will help define your unique strategy.

Development of a unique design concept that fits your brand and target audience including images, icons, and specialized layouts. Don’t have a logo? We offer logo design services too! Download Pitchbook Samples

Our content specialist will review your existing offering memos, disclosure documents, initial drafts, etc. and also conduct a 30-minute interview with the manager. An initial draft will be prepared for your review, along with additional revisions.

The design and writing happen concurrently to deliver your pitchbook as quickly as possible. However your input is important! We customize and make iterations based on your feedback.

Your final pitchbook will be delivered in a PowerPoint format. This allows you to make additional edits and updates as you pitch to different allocators and customize your messaging to fit each unique client.

We have the power to tell your strategy’s story.


The time and care you’ve invested in your brand is a reflection of the attention you put into your investment strategy. Make sure your first impression is a good one. We’ll equip you with a professional pitchbook to help increase your assets under management.

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