Fintech Intake: Our Favorite Fintech Reads – June 2017


With the rising temperatures of summer, there’s no cooling down in the headlines as fintech remains hot. From the discussion that fintech should shift focus on infrastructure, to “robo” in finance and the human questions that accompany its evolution, to cybersecurity and regtech, here are our favorite fintech headlines from June 2017:



  • June 26

What My Fight with a Chase Bank Employee Says About the Coming Robot Apocalypse

In humorous fashion, author Simon Dumenco tells the story of when a bank employee aggressively tried to steer him away from interacting with a human service employee, pushing him to use the ATM. This AdAge opinion article points out how consumer-facing corporations need to think now about what their rush to automation means for their brands and their relationships with customers.

As we recently Tweeted: It’s not about to #robo, or not to robo — it’s about how you robo.


  • June 25

    Some Advice on Fintech for the New SEC Chairman

    Emerging technologies, such as automated, or “robo,” advisers are providing important investment services to investors who have limited assets to manage, but the benefits were not without serious risks, and the new SEC Chairman, Jay Clayton, gets some advice in this FinTekNews article.



  • June 2

    Financial malware more than twice as prevalent as ransomware

    Attacks against financial institutions are on the rise, with the emergence of a handful of sophisticated cyber crime groups going after financial institutions. Although crypto ransomware is becoming a common choice for cyber criminals, there is still a significant amount of malware targeting financial organisations and their customers, Symantec has warned. ComputerWeekly covers this timely topic.