HubSpot Updates: December 2019

Marketing Technology

HubSpot has continued to add new and useful features to its already-robust marketing platform. In this post, we’ll run through some HubSpot updates.

LinkedIn Ad Lead Gen Form Builder for LinkedIn!

These include a form in the ad itself with the lead’s information pre-filled. When lead sync is turned on, the information auto-syncs to HubSpot and can be added to Dynamic Lists.

 Custom Targeting for Pop-ups and Conversations (Beta)

Personalized pop-up and chat forms? HubSpot has them! Take advantage of the advanced targeting to help you reach the right visitors. Besides being able to choose the right pages where you want your pop-up to appear, you can now apply filters based on the characteristics of your website visitor.

Customization for Your Support Knowledge Base Site

New visual “skin” features gives you real control over how your knowledge base and articles look with cool customization options that are closer to your brand. Add call-outs and tables in the editor of your articles. These little improvements are designed to help your visitors find what they need even faster.

New Image Optimization Options

It’s even easier to create content IN HubSpot. Image quality and load time options are now available. The rich text tool now has some updates, easier to edit styles, in-line edits, anchor links, and more.

Salesforce Sync Health

The Sync Health tab is the first tab you land on when checking out your SF integration so you can see how healthy your sync is. Second, there are distinct error categories so you can prioritize how to address the errors. Lastly, you can sign up to receive sync issue notifications, to keep your sync healthy.

HubSpot Videos Can Now be Added to Sequences

People love authentic and actionable videos, with video features directly integrated into templates and sequences, your customer service and sales teams can leverage video content into their processes and communications.


See the full rundown of new features:


The barriers to entry have never been lower, the tools have never been more useful or more affordable; Make 2020 the year that you finally get a closer look at HubSpot.

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