Improving the Sales & Marketing Pipeline – The 6 HubSpot Audits You May Not Know About

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If you’re responsible for your company’s HubSpot and you aren’t sure if your portal (sometimes referred to as a HubSpot account or HubSpot instance) is set up correctly, is being used to its fullest potential, or if it’s just been a while since your last HubSpot clean-up, it might be time for a few much-needed HubSpot audits.

After all, HubSpot hygiene is essential to the health of your company’s marketing and sales pipeline!

au·dit (/ˈôdət/)
an official inspection of an individual’s or organization’s accounts, typically by an independent body.

Though a “general audit” can provide some high-level insights into your current set up, we recommend more targeted audits that focus on a specific pain point you’re experiencing. Let’s look at 6 custom-built HubSpot Audits Gate 39 Media created for our clients that may help address your needs.

Make Every Marketing Dollar Count with a HubSpot Portal Audit

1. Campaign Audit

Purpose: You need to convert more website visitors into leads (increase conversion rates).

During a CAMPAIGN AUDIT, your existing campaigns are carefully reviewed to help optimize every touch point of your conversion paths.

What is a Conversion Path?

Loomly defines a conversion path as a “sequence of steps taken by a website user that leads to the brand’s desired end result.” In other words, it’s the path a website visitor follows, including web pages, CTAs, landing pages, etc., that lead them to your desired result (often a form submission).

By optimizing your conversion paths, you can remove dead-ends, increase your conversion rates, and better understand your leads. And this is the point of a campaign audit – to identify the weak points in your campaigns and ideate on how best to improve them.

A Campaign Audit should help you answer the following questions:

  • Does every call-to-action we create have a next step?
  • How do we drive contacts to the moment of conversion and how can we improve that experience?
  • Where are we losing leads in our conversion paths?
  • Are we protecting gated content by blocking search engines from indexing our thank you pages?
  • Do our forms ask the right questions at the right time?
  • Are you tracking non-HubSpot form conversions in HubSpot?

If these are questions you need answers to, connect with us today!

2. Funnel Audit

Purpose: You need to send higher quality leads to sales in a shorter amount of time.

During a FUNNEL AUDIT, our friendly HubSpot professionals help you understand where your leads are in your funnel, why, and how you can move them down your funnel faster. Plus, you will learn about some powerful automations we can build in HubSpot to streamline your marketing to sales lead handoff experience.

By optimizing the lead handoff between marketing and sales, you’ll be able to send higher quality, better qualified leads to sales, shorten the time it takes for sales to follow up, and reduce pitfalls in your lead funnel.

A Funnel Audit should help you answer the following questions:

  • Where are our contacts in their buying journey?​
  • What content or outreach may be most effective at what time?​
  • When should Marketing hand a lead off to Sales?​
  • How does Sales provide feedback to Marketing on the quality of their leads?​
  • Where in the funnel are most of our contacts sitting and is this accurate?​
  • Where are we losing contacts in our funnel?​
  • How can we automate movement through our funnel?​

If you’re currently unable to answer some or all of these questions, we can help you uncover the answers and turn your funnel into a well-oiled, lead generating machine!

Let’s talk about how we’ll achieve success for you.

3. Email Audit

Purpose: Increase your email marketing performance.

During an EMAIL AUDIT, we’ll focus on optimizing reader engagement and ensuring you’re sending the right information to the right people at the right time. We’ll work to reduce unsubscribes, increase click-through rates, and optimize your email design for readability.

An Email Audit should help you answer the following questions:

  • How do our email open and click-through-rates compare to industry averages?
  • What specific actions can we take to increase our email open and click-through-rates?
  • Are our emails “skimmable” or are recipients ignoring crucial content?
  • Does every email drive traffic back to our website?
  • Who is not receiving our marketing emails and why?
  • Are you sending our emails on the best days and at the best times for our leads?

Unable to answer some or all of these questions? You’re not alone (especially if you’re wearing many hats). Many organizations benefit from specialized agency help.

Learn how our friendly, certified team can operate as an extension of your team to get your HubSpot in order.

Make Every Marketing Dollar Count with a HubSpot Portal Audit

4. Data Audit

Purpose: Lower your HubSpot subscription costs.

A clean database is critical for targeting marketing efforts and gaining team-wide confidence in your data. In a DATA AUDIT, our HubSpot certified team will work to reduce your marketing contact tier by removing bad data and purging unengaged contacts. We’ll then help you segment your CRM, enabling you to improve your marketing metrics and better understand your leads.

A Data Audit should help you answer the following questions:

  • Are our contacts segmented accurately by their current Lifecycle Stage?​
  • Does every lead have an owner?​
  • Who is and is not engaging with our marketing efforts?​
  • Who is not receiving our marketing emails and why?​
  • Do we have mechanisms in place to avoid duplicate data input?​
  • How are we allowing HubSpot to create new contacts and are we capturing the best data at each entry point?​
  • Which contacts count toward our marketing contact tier limit and what’s the best way to reduce those costs?​

If you don’t have the answers, we can take a look under the hood to assess what it will take to optimize your HubSpot portal.

5. Consent Audit

Purpose: You need to reengage contacts and reduce unsubscribes.

A CONSENT AUDIT will help your organization remain GDPR compliant by ensuring you’re capturing privacy and consent at every entry-point to your CRM. We’ll advise on how to reduce unsubscribes by optimizing your subscription management and email templates. And then, we’ll show you how to re-engage and re-subscribe your lost leads.

A Consent Audit should answer the following questions:

  • How GDPR compliant are our marketing methods?​
  • Are we capturing consent on every form submission?​
  • How can we reduce unsubscribes and encourage more engagement?​
  • Once someone unsubscribes, how can we reignite their interest and help them re-subscribe?

Learn more about our Consent Audit here.

And finally,

6. KPI Audit

Purpose: You need to make data-drive decisions, but you have no data.

A KPI Audit can help determine if you’re hitting your KPIs and ensure you’re tracking the performance of critical marketing and sales activities with powerful performance dashboards that visualize data metrics.

A KPI Audit will answer the following questions:

  • Are we missing critical data points in our reporting?
  • Are we capturing data that tells the story of our KPI’s?
  • Does our team understand how to build reports and dashboards in HubSpot?
  • Are our executive leaders able to find the information they need quickly?

Not sure you can answer these questions right now? No sweat. Let’s explore an audit that will help give you peace of mind.

A HubSpot audit doesn’t have to be stressful or time-consuming. Our team follows a proven process to help customize your action plan and guide you through a truly positive audit experience that can produce clear and positive results for your business.

Connect with us today and let’s start a conversation.

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