Key Takeaways from the Webinar: Transforming HubSpot Marketing Data into Actionable Sales Insights

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Recorded Webinar Transforming Marketing Data Into Sales InsightsGate 39 Media’s Lunch & Learn Webinar Series continued with a July 21st session titled Transforming HubSpot Marketing Data into Actionable Sales Insights.

Moderated by Gate 39 Media’s Digital Marketing Specialist, Jalyssa Woodall, the webinar was presented by Keller Hawthorne, VP of Marketing Technology at Gate 39 Media, with special guest Remen Okoruwa, Senior Product Manager at HubSpot.

Keller began the webinar with a four-fold agenda:

  1. Which marketing metrics offer the best actionable insights for sales teams
  2. How to build custom dashboards that inform an individual salesperson about their prospects’ recent engagement
  3. What’s next for HubSpot’s reporting tools with Remen Okoruwa
  4. Audience Q&A – we’ll answer your burning HubSpot marketing and sales questions

With an audience engagement poll, the bulk of webinar attendees were marketers, followed by sales and a mix of those who wear both marketing and sales hats.


The marketing metrics that offer the best actionable insights for sales prospecting…are the same metrics that inform marketing teams:

  • The Who: Buyer Persona, Job Title, Job Role, Industry Target Account
  • The What: Marketing Emails, Sales Emails, Content Downloads, Form Submissions, Product Page Views
  • The When: Recent Engagement, First Conversion, Last Touch
  • The Where: Lifecycle Stage, Original Source, Event or Trade Show, Social Network

Marketing takes a one-to-many approach, while sales is a one-to-one approach, so there is a need to transform marketing data into actionable sales insights. Therefore, we must change:

  • The way we interpret marketing data – translating broad, generalized or group focused data into specific personalized or individual-focused
  • The way we display marketing data – from pie charts, bar graphs and funnels to lists or table views for sales, and from general attributes and comparisons to contact information and recent engagement data – which is more useful for sales
  • The action we take with the data – marketing plans with the data, while sales will use the data to connect. Marketing builds campaigns with the data, but sales will use the data to connect. Marketing tests with the data – sales uses the data to (again) connect!


42% of sales reps feel they do not have the right information before making a sales call. (Source)

What is the right information? This data looks different to marketing than it does to sales.

The right information for marketing would be answers to:

  • Who is in our database?
  • What content generates the best leads?
  • How well are our product or service pages converting?

Alternately, the right information for sales would be answers to:

  • Who is this lead?
  • What content has this lead been consuming?
  • What product or service is this lead interested in?

Keller presented an array of HubSpot Reports and Custom Dashboards showing marketing data displayed for both marketing and sales.

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Which part of the sales process do sales reps struggle with the most? Prospecting, Qualifying, or Closing? If you guessed Prospecting, you’d be right.

Keller presents the ways in which HubSpot’s marketing data can be leveraged to help sales cultivate prospects more efficiently so the sales team can know “who do I contact today?” She presented tips on turning one-to-many metrics into a one-to-one prospecting strategy through features that include:

  • Custom Report Builder
  • Email Dashboards
  • Building a Dashboard for Each Sales Rep (a great way to get sales reps excited about HubSpot and to leverage it consistently)


The chance of successfully qualifying a lead drops 4 times after waiting just 10 minutes to respond. (Source)

Setting up tasks and alerts in HubSpot is invaluable in delivering real-time updates and urgent notifications when prospects take a certain action. When a salesperson can see the peak of interest in a prospect, they can reach out in a window when the prospect is most engaged.


HubSpot’s Remen Okoruwa walked through a variety of sales tools, including features released at HubSpot’s recent annual event, Inbound:

  • Sales Analytics App
  • Data Exports:
    • Deal change history – So sales can see deals moving forward or backward in the pipeline -changes to increase or decrease within the sales pipeline.
    • Deal pipeline waterfall – which now displays changes as absolute value and net impact on pipeline
    • Deal push rate
    • Historical snapshots – to understand how the pipeline evolves
  • Lead Response Time Views

Remen presented a HubSpot reporting demo of the Sales Analytics App, a snapshot that allows for full access to drill down into the contact record, deal or activity records in the CRM.

To close out the 45-minute session, Keller and Remen fielded questions from the audience. We thank everyone who attended the live session and if you’d like to hear the Q&A, Watch the Recorded Webinar or connect with Keller to learn how Gate 39 Media can assist your business with sales enablement using HubSpot:

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