Managed Cloud Hosting Services

Gate 39 Media’s managed cloud hosting services provide reliable, scalable, and secure hosting for your websites, applications, and data in the Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS) clouds. From WordPress to custom applications, our team of engineers will design a solution that meets your specific needs and budget. Our cloud management platform provides a scalable solution, with additional specialization for financial and agriculture industries, for your cloud strategy.

What is Managed Cloud Hosting?

Managed cloud services allow you to leverage the power of the cloud with the support of our experienced team. Working in conjunction with your IT department, our DevOps team works as an extension of yours, leveraging our expertise to provide 24/7 management, maintenance, and monitoring of AWS and Azure, managing your cloud servers and data centers.

Benefits of Managed Cloud Hosting

As a managed service, our support team performs complete management of your cloud environment, lowering costs of managing hosting and staffing while providing knowledge and experience to supplement your in-house IT team.

Cloud adoption and deployment presents new challenges. Allow our team of engineers to help design a cloud infrastructure that powers your system with the flexibility, security, and cost savings to help you manage your cloud systems going forward.

Benefits of managed cloud hosting with Gate 39 Media include:

  • 24/7 security and performance monitoring with priority coverage
  • Managing and monitoring backups and disaster recovery systems
  • Managing and monitoring custom processes
  • Leveraging unique cloud-based services that reduce code development
  • Cloud services engineering – infrastructure architecture design for scalability, security, and efficiency leveraging the full-power of cloud services
  • Application management and monitoring
  • All the benefits of cloud hosting and cloud systems utilization

Companies that rely on Gate 39 Media for managed cloud hosting

Customers in the financial services and agriculture industries rely on Gate 39 Media for specialized Managed and Shared Cloud Hosting Services for their mission critical websites, data management and applications, including:

Supported Cloud Platforms


Providing full-stack management of Azure cloud solutions for websites, portals, applications, and data, including sever-less solutions built on the Microsoft stack.

Most common Azure cloud services include:

  • IIS Web Server
  • SQL Server database
  • Azure functions
  • Azure Defender
  • Firewall/CDN
  • Azure back-ups
  • SSO
  • Data Factory
  • PowerApps
  • Power BI
  • AI tool
  • Chat tool
  • Various web integrations
  • SSO


Providing full-stack management of AWS cloud solutions for websites, portals, applications, and data, including sever-less solutions built on open-source technologies including PHP, LAMP systems, Java/Spring Boot, and others. Our team is comprised of AWS certified specialists.

Most common cloud services include:

  • S3 with Plesk/Other dashboard
  • DB
  • Firewall/CDN/Virus protection
  • Lambda
  • Backup systems


Supporting an array of common cloud integrations along with custom APIs and data feeds including:

  • Twilio
  • Plaid – financial systems integrations
  • 3rd party Security/Firewall/Virus systems
  • EVS – KYC and credit check system
  • Financial data feeds API and flat file based: Barchart, GMI, and others
  • Agriculture systems: JD Link, Field-to-Market, US Government data

Why Gate 39 Media for Cloud Hosting Management Services

We bring expertise at a broad level in addition to specialized services for the financial services and agriculture industry. Our understanding of security, compliance, and policies for regulated industries and typical corporate-level support allows us to understand your needs better for your cloud solution.

We offer:

  • 24/7 support, cloud security and performance monitoring
  • Dedicated DevOps team
  • Focused on AWS and Azure clouds
  • Management of select 3rd party cloud services
  • Customized service packages
  • Range of support from websites, apps, data, and processes
  • Security and privacy policies available for regulatory filings and corporate review

Request a Cloud Consultation

From cloud deployment to ongoing cloud management, let’s explore your needs, challenges and how we can supplement your IT team with managed cloud hosting.