Rocking for A Leg To Stand On Worldwide, Investing in Mobility

Core Values Series

October 13th kicked off Chicago’s annual Rocktoberfest at City Winery Chicago in support of A Leg To Stand On (ALTSO), a New York-based non-profit that works tirelessly to bring mobility solutions and orthopedic care to children in developing nations living with limb disabilities.   

For nearly two decades, Rocktoberfest has leveraged the collective power of advocates across the financial services industry to raise money and awareness for the ALTSO charity.   

This year, Rocktoberfest featured two stages and 5 hours of music from 14 bands and acoustic acts comprised of financial services industry members. This is the first live event since the pandemic when ALTSO Rocktoberfest took to streaming media to continue its charity concert series.   

Gate 39 Media is a Proud Sponsor of A Leg To Stand On

The Gate 39 Media Team proudly sponsored and joined the ranks of advocates at this year’s Rocktoberfest to raise funds for this compassionate and life-affirming cause.   


Empowering CoolKids

Mobility impacts everything we do and, in many cases, defines the scope of opportunities available to us. ALTSO’s mission is to empower children in their CoolKids program with a plethora of mobility solutions. ALTSO defines mobility through the achievement of three fundamental development goals, which we believe are human rights:  

  1. Physical – The capacity to bathe, clothe, and feed oneself  
  2. Social – The resources to build friendship, community, and family stability.  
  3. Economic – The empowerment and independence to secure higher education and employment and break the cycle of poverty.  

Often children in developing nations living with limb disabilities are either underserved or fitted with poor-quality devices that fail to adequately serve their unique needs or the environment in which they live.   

It is estimated that nearly 106 million children across developing countries live with limb disabilities, while 95% of them cannot afford care. With the help of its advocates and allies, ALTSO’s CoolKids program has delivered state-of-the-art care, prosthetic limbs, fitted wheelchairs, and limb braces to nearly 20,000 children across the continents of Africa, Asia, and Latin America since its inception in 2003.  

A Leg To Stand On, in part, achieves its core mission by fulfilling three essential needs:  

  • Prosthetic Limbs  
  • Orthotic Braces  
  • Wheelchairs  

When you donate an orthotic brace, prosthetic limb, or wheelchair, you empower a child with self-confidence and an enduring pathway to education, future employment, and self-sufficiency. All donations are 100% tax-deductible.  

Empower a child with the gift of mobility by visiting 

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