Tips for Generating Financial Services Blog Post Ideas


Creating quality content that can be enjoyed by your prospects has proven to be a prime way of successfully pulling them towards your brand.

The best way to excel with your content is to become a thought leader in your niche and deliver expertise throughout, while at the same time making each post interesting and engaging. Master the subject like no one else and you will be able to sell like no one else!

Coming up with blog topics and ideas to craft financial services content around can be tricky if your idea well runs dry, however. So, let’s explore some ways that can help you generate blog topic ideas to deliver your content so you can start building a loyal—and profitable— following.

  • AdWords Keyword Planner

Available in any free AdWords account. The Keyword Planner lets you find the average monthly search volume for keywords searched on Google and can serve as a very useful tool for getting an idea of the approximate search demand for a keyword. You can also find out the most popular search terms in the different sectors of the financial industry (brokerage, trading, advisory, funds, etc.)

  • Quora

Quora gives you a good sense of what information people want to know more about right now and even offers potential opportunities to connect with other financial industry thought leaders. You can sign up and follow specific topics and read questions surrounding the hottest issues in finance.

  • Customer Surveys

With tools such as Survey Monkey and Google Forms you can set up and post a complete survey in minutes. What better way to get a feel of what clients and potential clients care about than asking them? Pending the approval of your compliance department, you can post your surveys on social media (even advertise them), integrate into your company website, blog, or send an email blast to your contacts.

  • Check Out Other Industry Blogs

There is a wide range of up-to-date content published in the financial industry at your disposal. Skimming through some top quality blogs and financial industry news sites and reading recent comments will give you a good idea of what topics are trending.

  • Google Trends

With Trends you can get an insight into what keywords and topics people are searching over time. The data comes directly from Google and you can view it by keyword, location, topic, and country. Want to write about a few different topics but not sure which one is most relevant? You can draw comparisons between different keywords and see which one is trending now.

  • Search Hashtags on Social Media

One of the best ways to identify what topic is trending right now. Other tools take in consideration a longer period of time but looking at trending hashtags is a way of knowing what is hot today.

You can search for trending hashtags on Twitter or Facebook but using dynamic tools that compile trending hashtags such as Hashtagify and Ritetag can save you time.

  • Google Alerts

You can easily set up alerts for articles containing specific financial industry keywords (i.e. “fintech”, “managed futures”, “hedge funds”, “alternative investment”, etc.). Just sit and wait for Google´s automatic email to arrive. This time Google will do the searching for you.

  • Industry Forums

Forums have been around since the birth of the Internet and can be useful when searching for trending topics. Bookmark top industry forums and check on them regularly –because of their nature, forums are updated at the pace of what is trending and can be very valuable for being up-to-date on topics.

  • Networking Events

Searching for networking events online doesn’t have to be a hassle if you use a directory. These events usually catch up on trends very quickly and have quality panels that deliver credible information. If transportation is an issue you can check out podcasts to get similar knowledge.

  • Groups on LinkedIn

If you haven’t done so, be sure to join financial industry groups in LinkedIn’s group directory. Industry professionals will often spend time interactive with peers in this online space and you will surely find the topics they are discussing interesting. You can post questions and interact with other members directly as well.

Through these accessible idea-generating avenues, the topic for your next financial blog post is right around the corner.