April Update: How HubSpot Supports the Attract Phase

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HubSpot is working harder than ever to implement adjustments and create solutions for partners and customers in light of COVID-19.  For the next few weeks, they are sending out updates on support and best practices for each of the client phases – Attract Phase, Engage Phase, and Delight Phase.

As a HubSpot Agency Partner, Gate 39 Media is working closely alongside HubSpot to ensure that our clients experience continuous value-added service and we wanted to share some of their advice in navigating these challenging times.

Attract Phase of the Inbound Marketing FlywheelThis week’s focus is on the Attract phase.

If you recall from a previous post, The Financial Services Marketing Funnel Has Shapeshifted, the Attract phase is part of the marketing flywheel.

HubSpot breaks down the Attract phase into two parts: bringing in visitors to consume content and building trust through content.

To attract visitors during this time, experiment with employing such tactics as:

  • Keep social media as human as possible by listening to your audience, exhibiting empathy in posts and responses, and getting creative with how you engage those who are stuck at home.
  • Be mindful that a global pandemic should not be seized as a marketing opportunity, but consider what consumers are looking for during this time and how your brand fits with that. What can you offer them right now? Join the conversations that are actively happening in an appropriate way.
  • Create content that serves a purpose. If recycling old blog posts makes sense for the current situation, do it! Share any tips and tricks your company has developed to cope with this difficult time.
  • Assess what is and is not working within your marketing and sales assets and use this time to get your CRM organized.
  • Determine what you should promote in any ad campaigns you choose to run right now. Is the subject matter essential or non-essential? Be conscious and respectful in your ads.

To build trust through content:

  • Try to create content that will inform, educate, and teach consumers.
  • Be transparent with customers regarding any changes being made to your business during this time, including reduced hours and what you’re doing to keep employees safe.
  • Don’t neglect to share pieces of interest normally related to your clients and their buyers’ journey but be sure to keep in mind any current trending topics that may be relevant as well.

To read more on how HubSpot is supporting their customers during COVID-19, click here.

Special new rates have been announced, making HubSpot even more accessible:

Starter Growth Suite: HubSpot has cut the price of our Starter Growth Suite to $50 USD/month. For 12 months from purchase of this offer, all existing and new Starter Growth Suite customers will have access to the bundle of marketing, sales, and services software at the reduced price. A 12 month purchase commitment is required. After the 12 months, the discount will revert back to the standard 25% Growth Suite discount, or $112.50 USD per month. All customers are eligible for this.

The HubSpot Starter Growth Suite—Marketing Hub Starter, Sales Hub Starter, and Support Hub Starter (1000 contacts, 2 sales and 2 support accounts, unlimited general users) is $50/month instead of $112.50/month for 12 months. See website for full details.

Get started with a free CRM, email marketing and form builder from HubSpot. To get started, just sign-up for your free HubSpot subscription here.

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