HubSpot INBOUND 2020 Highlight: Beyond a Movement


In an earlier post, I mentioned that Gate 39 Media recently attended INBOUND 2020, HubSpot’s annual conference.

At this year’s virtual conference, I was able to attend the session Beyond a Movement.

During this session actor and social activist Jesse Williams and co-founder of the Black Lives Matter Movement Alicia Garza, discussed what it means to maintain momentum behind social change.

As a minority, it was important for me to attend this event and hear the perspectives of a movement that hit so close to home. One of the many points that stood out was when Jesse Williams explained the short- and long-term effects of companies taking a stand.

A short-term effect could be losing clients. The reality is that not everyone is a fan of the Black Lives Matter Movement, or in the advancement of minorities in general. This ties into the overarching theme of empathy.

And unfortunately, these same people may be clients or potential clients, so what does a company do?

Take a stand and make it clear you support what some may consider a controversial movement? Play it safe and straddle the fence? Or simply remain silent and wait for things to fizzle out?

Well, another reality is this: the demand for Black Lives to matter in this country will never fizzle out. So, companies like HubSpot should highly consider taking a confident stand (because no one likes a fence straddler).

It’s also important to consider the long-term effects, and the lasting impression it will leave on the next generation. Eventually, your current employees will retire, and a new batch of hires will be center stage.

To remain marketable and have people actually want to work for your company, it’s important to have an opinion on current events. No company wants to be labeled as uninterested in social issues, especially ones pertaining to race and diversity.

And lastly, companies should always keep their legacy in mind. In 50 years, when we’re all old and gray, what side of history will your company reside on? Did they have an opinion on social change and put in real effort to make a difference? Or will your only efforts be that you posted on social media and liked a few tweets?

The decision may not be easy, but a stance must be made because this is truly more than just a movement.

Like HubSpot, our agency strives for a high-quality work culture, placing value in Diversity, which leads our own core values:

Diversity | Teamwork | Learning | Empathy

We invite you to learn more about Gate 39 Media’s team and mission and we look forward to speaking with you.


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