HubSpot Updates: Summer 2019

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HubSpot’s Blog and Emails Tools are Now FREE!

We’re sharing HubSpot updates and free tools for 2019. Like any business, financial firms want to develop a relationship with their customers and prospects. Getting to know things about them both macro (location, revenue) and micro (preferred salutation, time of day they’re most likely to open your email). While the want is there, the how is another issue entirely. How can I get started with marketing email and CRM without paying a premium price? How can I see if this will work for my business without signing a contract?

Enter HubSpot.

HubSpot now offers free marketing email in addition to its #1 ranked free CRM. You’ll be able to invest in growing your business without making room in your budget for additional marketing spend.

Learn why every financial industry firm needs a CRM

“By having the ability to go beyond 1:1 email sends and having the ability to target ads or email content based on contract data at the free pricing tier, we can build in so much more value to our clients from the get-go,” said Michael Rothwell of the LYFTOFF Agency.

From this day forward, budget won’t get in the way of deploying the marketing your business deserves. Free marketing and sales tools allow you to:

  • Get Time Back
  • Have One Database
  • Segment and Personalize Your Emails
  • Have Always Up To Date Data

Learn about additional CRM benefits and capabilities



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