HubSpot Updates: Spring 2019

Marketing Technology

It’s that time of year again, HubSpot Updates Spring 2019!

HubSpot is always trying to improve and as a HubSpot agency partner, Gate 39 Media is always excited to see new improvements and features that can benefit our clients. HubSpot periodically announces new updates, which are released to give users better functionality and control in meeting their marketing goals in new and innovative ways.

Here are some notable new features that HubSpot has recently announced:

  • You can now easily add a pop-up GDPR form. GDPR is a must-have for the financial industry in 2019 (and, really anyone with international clients).
  • You can now program chatbots for your site to provide prospects with tracked Documents right in the chat window. This can help qualify a prospect before a sales rep gets involved, as well as provide you with actionable data on how the prospect interacted with your collateral.

Watch the video above for the updates released in March 2019, and check out the highlights below!

  • Calendar integration for meetings with Office 365—ability to schedule a meeting in HubSpot and have it show in Outlook calendar
  • Upload PDFs from Documents and GIFs in bots
  • Send email replies to bot customers in conversations
  • Social reports – track posts and integrate with customers from any tool
  • Forms – GDPR can be a pop-up
  • Ability to reset forms and make a new submission for a form where a browser is used publicly
  • Schedule pop-up forms to go live and shut off on specific time/dates
  • Workflows – send plain text automated emails within the workflow without leaving the workflow tool

Have questions about HubSpot or how to activate marketing automation for your brand? We can help with that! Contact us!

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