Introducing FinVox – Financial and Futures Chatbot Technology


FinVox is a chatbot designed to provide financial information including futures data through smart assistants, social media, text messages, and an API for web and mobile use developed by Gate 39 Media.

For example, one can say, “Alexa, ask FinVox for the price of corn.” Alexa will respond with the current price of corn, or the full price details including volume and both percent and numeric change, if specified. Currently, FinVox can relay multiple futures data points on any futures contract such as volume, price, open, high / low, and percent or amount change.

Additionally, the same information can be retrieved by texting a command such as “Price of corn” to a short code/mobile number and FinVox will reply via text. The same functionality is currently available for Microsoft Teams and coming soon to Twitter (private message) and other platforms such as Slack.

FinVox is a technology stack built to be implemented within apps to increase customer engagement and provide data on demand.

“Chatbot technology is quickly evolving, and we’re developing FinVox to be our platform for integrating this functionality into mobile apps and other web technologies. FinVox is able to connect to any data source and provide the information on demand in a new way to meet the needs of ever-demanding customers,” says Shane Stiles, President of Gate 39 Media.

All futures quotes are from the CME Group and powered by the Barchart API. Additionally, FinVox can relay the most active contracts as well as the most winning / losing contracts. Expiration dates and product specifications will soon be added. Stocks and equities data can easily be added along with custom data sources such as market reports and more.

To learn more about FinVox, visit the FinVox page.

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Shane Stiles, President of Gate 39 Media, will discuss how value-added services create a great customer experience at the Chicago FinTech Exchange on April 26th.