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On May 19th, 2021, Gate 39 Media hosted a free 45-minute webinar The Next Era of Innovation in Sales, presented by Stacey Levy, Account Executive at LinkedIn Sales Solutions and co-presented by Keller Hawthorne, VP of Marketing Technology at Gate 39 Media.

This session explored how LinkedIn Sales Navigator enables financial and B2B sales teams to efficiently target and form high-value relationships. Missed the live webinar?

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Here are some key takeaways from this session:

A More Efficient Approach to Social Selling

The average number of decision makers involved in a purchasing decision in a single deal is much higher than you think – and this number is going up (watch the recorded webinar for the answer).

Having relationships with several stakeholders involved in a decision is difficult work. And there are sales tools to help improve response rates, but not necessarily by casting a broader net.

Successful social selling means a one-on-one approach (not a one-to-many) — using tools that provide commonality insight for strategic and personalized targeting. This is where LinkedIn Sales Navigator shines.

Buying Cycle Complexity Has Increased

30 years ago, face-to-face was how business was done. It was hard and time consuming. Then came tele-sales, and now we’re in the automation era.

But the challenge for sales is that buyer expectations have risen – think Amazon, Netflix, Carvana – where insights deliver very personalized experiences and recommendations. People take those personal experiences with them into the business world, where sales relationships must also adapt to the “show me that you know me” way.

Can you guess the average number of outreach attempts it takes to reach a decision maker that you don’t know? Find out in the webinar.

The numbers may surprise you.

To date the buyer’s cycle has increased in complexity , so there are lots of relationships to build, and no time to waste. Email clickthrough rates are dropping and buyers are looking at emails even less than pre-COVID times, so what is a sales team to do? Turn to the right technology.

Tools for Relationship Mapping & Building at Scale

Personalization is key to successful outreach, and what is more personal than finding common ground with the decision maker you want to connect with?

Commonality as the tie that binds could be a shared alma mater, participation in the same volunteer group or organization, or shared connections. LinkedIn Sales Navigator can help pinpoint these points of commonality, which are keys to making inroads.

What is the potential percentage increase in win rate when you have more than 6 connections into an account? Check out the webinar for the answer.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is designed for relationship mapping, so that through identifying commonalities, personalized email subject lines and InMail messages can be sent. And with more personalized messages comes a higher open rate, potentially a higher win rate, and a shorter sales cycle.

The Financial Sales Landscape is Evolving

Financial industry B2B sales teams – along with the corporate buyers, high net worth individuals, and institutional buyers they want to target – are all sharing more content on LinkedIn and are more active on the platform than they were last year.

Buyers are becoming more digitally savvy and active online, and sellers need to engage prospects and customers in a new way.

Issues around the next generation of wealth and an upcoming retirement wave are abundant in this universe. It’s important for a salesperson to break through and demonstrate their differentiation on shared content posts as well; For example, instead of just reading and liking a post, do some research or provide a new angle to comment and engage as a thought leader – ask a question and start to build a relationship that could lead to future business.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator + HubSpot is a Winning Combination for B2B Sales Insights

Sales teams should not be distracted with multiple tools to manage conversations, so having an integration into a CRM (like HubSpot) reduces the number of tools they need to deal with to get powerful insights for better relationship building and improved deal close rates.

HubSpot + LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an integration that sales teams can greatly benefit from as this combination provides an elevated level of context regarding contacts that is invaluable.

Seeing the history of the contact and the LinkedIn profile in a single record, including the pages they have viewed, what emails they’ve opened — and more — lay the foundation for a meaningful sales conversation that is not only timely, but has relevant context.

The integration makes saving contacts into lists as easy as clicking a single button, along with access to data in the CRM that one would normally have to get from LinkedIn. Sales teams can start conversations in HubSpot using the LinkedIn Sales Navigator widget in one location as well as get reminders and set follow up tasks. And it’s all mobile friendly.

Efficient. Targeted. Effective. This is the new era in innovation in sales.

See the full webinar which is available for replay here.

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