Clarity Portfolio Viewer provides investors with a complete view of their managed futures portfolio.


Total performance across all programs and individual programs are calculated and displayed online in easy to read charts, graphs and tables including iPad and smartphone friendly formats. Reports and other features for sales teams and management provide company-wide data on the accounts they manage including sales, investors by program, winners / losers, and much more. Clarity is white-labeled with your logo and custom URL.

Managed Account Performance Made Clear with Clarity

Clarity turns the task of interpreting multiple, unreadable, mainframe generated statements by providing investors with beautiful, understandable, web-based, portfolio reports that provide an a clearer picture of their investment performance.

NOTE: Clarity Portfolio Viewer provides additional insight into a managed futures portfolio, but is not a replacement for a futures account statement provided by a clearing firm.

Investor Views

  • View total portfolio and individual program performance in an attractive, easy-to-read, professional format
  • View daily, monthly, year-to-date time frames for most reports
  • Complete historical access of data—day, month, year views by CTA and total portfolio
  • Dynamically generated charting of VAMI and other data
  • Date search function for viewing past data by date, month, and year
  • View margin, drawdown and management and performance fees across all accounts
  • Mobile access—dashboard reporting specially formatted for smart phones
  • Fees reporting—professionally formatted, printer friendly on-demand report with all fees for tax purposes

Management Views

  • Sales people have access to client management tools such as reports and access to view client performance
  • Sophisticated reporting provides business intelligence to manage your firm. View total accounts managed by sales person, by program, and as a firm; view clients with best/worst performance and more
  • Add entries for Additions and Withdrawals—all accounts data is automatically re-calculated as necessary
  • Displays sales representative contact info on all client pages


  • Ability to create users including client, administrator, and sales person roles with the appropriate permissions and security
  • Add a new account, and data is available the next processing cycle (typically next day)
  • Provides archiving of all daily data
  • User management grid. Username and password reminders
  • SSL secured encryption for protection
  • Automated processing of files via FTP
  • Security and error message logging, tracking, and monitoring by Gate 39 Media

Supported Data Feeds


Subscription Plans & Features

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