Transforming HubSpot Marketing Data Into Actionable Sales Insight: An Upcoming Webinar Sneak Peek

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How does marketing help sales? Through data. But what good is data without technology?

Data alone is not very useful unless you have a great marketing and sales enablement tool like HubSpot to accurately interpret it for the purposes of directing the next action. HubSpot can also show an activity history for contextual sales conversations, alert users when a prospect takes an action or moves through the buyer’s journey, and much more.

Reserve Your Seat: Transforming HubSpot Marketing Data into Actionable Sales Insights


HubSpot can distill hundreds of marketing data points down into clear action items, lists, dashboard, automated sequences, workflows, alerts, and more.

How can a salesperson know when a prospect visits your website, or opens an email, clicks on a critical call to action, attends a webinar, books a meeting with you, or opens, views, signs, or abandons a PDF of a sales proposal, not to mention a range of other activities?

As a sales enablement tool HubSpot can help produce:

  • Better Qualified Leads
  • Better Engagement and Stronger Relationships
  • More Accurate Buyer Personas
  • Better and Clearer Feedback
  • Increased Revenue
  • Better Marketing Materials

And it can help you stay ahead of the competition.

The efficiency (and security) of HubSpot for sales enablement can help teams cut down on the unnecessary amount of manual work and guessing that can eat up precious prospecting time for sales teams.

And after all, time is money.

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Learn How to Turn One-to-Many Metrics into a One-to-One Prospecting Strategy

Join us on July 21st at 11am CST for our webinar, Transforming HubSpot Marketing Data into Actionable Sales Insights, presented by Keller Hawthorne, VP Marketing Technology at Gate 39 Media and Luke Summerfield, Product Go-to-Market Lead (CMS Hub) at HubSpot.

In this 45-minute webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Which marketing metrics offer the best actionable insights for sales teams.
  • How to build custom dashboards that inform an individual salesperson about their prospects’ recent engagement, including:
  • What content their leads are consuming.
  • How their leads are interacting with marketing emails.
  • When their leads visit their website.
  • What’s next for HubSpot’s reporting tools.
  • Audience Q&A – we’ll answer your burning HubSpot marketing and sales questions!

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