The Gramercy Institute Financial Marketing Leadership Awards


Today, financial markets and financial marketing are mired in a world of uncertainty. The need for great leadership within the financial industry is more relevant than ever and the Gramercy Institute Financial Marketing Leadership Awards open the door to innovative marketing standouts in finance. For the second time, I’ve had the honor to serve as a judge, alongside several of my industry peers, to help rank demonstrated leadership in financial marketing.

While many marketing teams threw their hats into the ring, after reviewing several strategy briefs and essays, I’ve learned three key things about the financial marketing collective vying for these awards:

1. Financial Marketing Leadership Remains a Force to Be Reckoned With

From large global marketing teams that find their groove working as well-oiled machines across time zones to meet aggressive deadlines, to the smaller domestic firms that work tightly and passionately, kicking creativity and “scrappiness” into overdrive to meet client goals, I’m heartened by the sheer force of scalable collaboration and creativity radiating in the marketing leadership at financial firms of all sizes. The level of powerful ideas coupled with organized actions and measurable performance indicators speaks volumes of incredible leadership at work.

2. Innovating through Empathy Is Alive and Kicking in Financial Marketing

The current global sentiment of market uncertainty has neither deterred, nor slowed the innovative spirit in these marketing teams — quite the opposite. The most creative campaign objectives, strategies, and teamwork largely revolves around the true core needs and desires of the client. Client empathy is a basic ingredient successful business and, and I’m uplifted to see that empathy remains a strong pillar of leadership, driving human connections, and spurring authentic marketing innovation in the industry.

3. Rapid-Response Marketing Runs the Brave New World of 2020

Another shining theme I recognized across applicants is the skilled ability to pivot from an original marketing plan by leaning into rapid-response marketing as part of an overall financial marketing strategy. The most successful marketing leaders recognize the need to address the breaking concerns of the world firmly and head on, answering questions before they are asked, providing resources to clients and lending perspectives to the overall conversations. Many of the brilliant marketers applying for this award understand the importance of providing support, accessibility, and visibility to continue to earn the trust of clients, to which I applaud them.


I continue to be inspired by the leadership qualities of my financial industry marketing peers. Their clear visions, strategies, and innovative ingenuity is a delight to behold. Additionally, the mission of the Gramercy Institute to recognize outstanding leadership through these awards as well as their relevant events is a boon for the industry.

While the winners of this award are set to be announced this summer, I congratulate all the entrants and nominees for participating. Your energy and innovation continue to inspire this financial marketer!

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