Financial Marketing Advice For Uncertain & Changing Times


Bill Wreaks, CEO – Gramercy Institute

Gramercy Institute has recently formed a group of expert agencies called Gramercy Institute Financial Agency Short List. This roster of agencies is intended to serve as a vital resource for marketers from leading financial brands. Each agency has been hand-selected and reviewed by the Gramercy Institute for excellence and proficiency in a variety of areas. Here is some of their financial marketing advice.

Gramercy Institute has tapped the collective wisdom of this group to offer guidance and insight to our global community of financial brands, agencies and marketing partners and has asked their response to a vital question on the minds of our industry today:

What advice do you have for senior marketers at major financial firms, as they seek to advance their marketing objectives during these uncertain and changing circumstances?

Shane Stiles, President, Gate 39 Media


If in-person events have been central to your firm’s marketing and sales strategies, now is the time to examine your digital strategy. Everyone will be communicating electronically even more than before with increased amounts of screen time.

Client inboxes are full of emails regarding advice, social media feeds are already increasing, and we’re being flooded with information during this time of crisis—where are you?

If your digital outreach techniques are limited, breathe in, admit you’re late to the game and find someone to help get started. Now is better than never.

Put your firm in the “pretty good” category? Now is the time to raise your game. Look at your analytics and dig into the numbers. More A/B testing on messaging? Is now the time for trying video/podcasts/blog posts or other forms of media? How can you implement more automation to enable you to “do more with less”?

Grab your sanitizer, apply liberally, and buckle in. The improvements you make now aren’t just to get through this time period, they’ll improve your efforts overall.

Learn more about Gramercy Institute as well as get information on the Agency Short List.