April Update: How HubSpot Supports the Engage Phase

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HubSpot continues to work harder than ever to implement adjustments and create solutions for partners and customers in light of the current pandemic. As a HubSpot Agency Partner, Gate 39 Media is working closely alongside HubSpot to ensure that our clients experience continuous value-added service and we wanted to share some their advice in navigating these challenging times. Part of their solution is to send support updates and best practices for each of the client phases – Attract Phase, Engage Phase, and Delight Phase.

Engage Phase of the Inbound Marketing FlywheelEarlier in the month, we covered How HubSpot Supports the Attract Phase and this week’s focus is on the Engage phase, with a specific focus on Sales Communications & Sales Automation.

Engagement is the key to guiding someone on their buyer’s journey and is a critical part of keeping the Inbound Marketing flywheel spinning and increasing in momentum. To recap what the flywheel is, check out our previous post The Financial Services Marketing Funnel Has Shapeshifted.

The first phase of engagement is sales communication. With everything going on right now, many customers and prospects may not want to hear about services and products that companies can offer them. So, how can you continue to communicate with them? Focus on growing your relationships and offering value in other ways. Exercising empathy for clients and prospects is the key in this phase of engagement.

Here are some tools to help you develop your sales communication toolkit:

The second phase of engagement is sales automation. HubSpot offers several tools to automate your sales process while still prioritizing personalization. Some of these tools include sequences, workflows, and lead notifications. If you already have an existing sales automation, now may be a good time to reconsider what that looks like as personalization is more crucial than ever.

Here are some tools to help you develop your sales automation toolkit:

Gate 39 Media can help implement and optimize these sales and communication features for your business. Contact us today!

Additionally, HubSpot shared insight on some trends they have observed and what they mean for you:

  • The number of closed-won deals and new deals created are declining, meaning it’s better to focus on education right now for current clients rather than promotion for new clients.
  • Websites are an important source of business right now, which means incorporating live chats and chatbots into your website strategy could see huge payoff.
  • Marketing teams and sales teams are reaching out to customers more with varying levels of success, meaning that a restructuring in your sales process could be a smart move.

Special new rates have been announced, making HubSpot even more accessible:

Starter Growth Suite: HubSpot has cut the price of our Starter Growth Suite to $50 USD/month. For 12 months from purchase of this offer, all existing and new Starter Growth Suite customers will have access to the bundle of marketing, sales, and services software at the reduced price. A 12-month purchase commitment is required. After the 12 months, the discount will revert back to the standard 25% Growth Suite discount, or $112.50 USD per month. All customers are eligible for this.

The HubSpot Starter Growth Suite—Marketing Hub Starter, Sales Hub Starter, and Support Hub Starter (1000 contacts, 2 sales and 2 support accounts, unlimited general users) is $50/month instead of $112.50/month for 12 months. See website for full details.

Get started with a free CRM, email marketing and form builder from HubSpot. To get started, just sign-up for your free HubSpot subscription here.


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