Black Women in Marketing (BWM) – An Organization Created to Spotlight and Connect Black Women in the Marketing Industry


As a digital marketing agency that embodies the core values of diversity, teamwork, learning, and empathy, Gate 39 Media is delighted to highlight Black Women in Marketing (BWM) – an organization created to spotlight and connect black women in the marketing industry.

I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the co-founders, Milan Brown, a Northern Illinois University Alum, who discusses her hopes of becoming a Digital Marketing Manager and eventually owning her own company.

Here’s how the conversation went:

What inspired you to get into marketing?

MB: Originally, I planned on going to law school and using my marketing degree as a plan B, but things changed when I took my first marketing course in college. It was an Intro to Digital Marketing class where I was able to really learn some of the fundamentals of digital marketing, conduct research and write blogs. This was where I began to picture myself working as a marketing professional helping businesses in whatever capacity.

What inspired you to create

MB: Black Women in Marketing was created by seven individuals: me, Attallah Wilson, Julia Lewis, Tiara Herndon, Raven-Symone Nelson, Zakiya Johnson, and Teyah Wheat, as a part of Trend Influx Agency, a marketing and branding agency based in Chicago. The idea came from a lack of representation in the industry and trying to bring awareness and recognition to black women who are changing the game through various marketing roles and initiatives.

What advice would you give to young black women who are looking to get into marketing?

MB: My advice would be to #1, never doubt yourself! Working in an industry where you must be creative can sometimes cause insecurities, but never doubt that you can get the attention and results. I would also say continue to gain new skills and brush up on old ones. Marketing is ever-changing so it is important to stay up-to-date with trends.

What’s next for the BWM community?

MB: BWM is always thinking of new and creative ways to grow the platform. We will continue to spotlight various black women in the industry and provide marketing-based knowledge to our audience. We are looking for opportunities to collaborate and will soon offer marketing consulting services.

Much has changed in marketing in the last 12 months. What advice do you have for marketers in 2021?

MB: My advice would be to build a personal connection with your audience. We have seen, for example, social media make drastic changes that impact smaller brands. I think that whatever platform you use to market your business make sure you are incorporating personal touches and ways for consumers to connect with you and not just your product.

Be sure to check out the Black Women in Marketing site to learn more about the organization, their mission, and resources available.


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