I Have a Dream – The Lasting Impact of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Famous Speech

Core Values Series

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. truly evoked change in America due to his dedication to the Civil Rights Movement. He used his intellect, influence, and powerful speeches to fight for the rights of African Americans in a nonviolent, but effective way. One of his most famous speeches, “I Have a Dream,” has been replayed for decades and tells the story of his hopes and dreams for the United States when it comes to civil rights, economic rights, and racism.  

Now, 58 years later, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous speech is still being heard across the world and leaving an impact on its listeners. And since diversity and empathy are two of our core values here at Gate 39 Media, I was curious to know what everyone’s dreams were, and how they could ensure that they happen. So I asked them to finish this sentence:

“I have a dream that…” and ” I can make my dream come true by…” 

Sarah McNabb, Chief Marketing Officer: I have a dream that the nation will collaborate more fully in slowing the spread of COVID-19 by exercising empathy, wearing masks, and putting more trust into evidence-based science to help us reach herd immunity. I can help make this dream come true by doing my part in continuing to take direction from the experts, wearing my mask, social distancing, gently encouraging others to do the same, and remaining patient until it is my turn to be vaccinated. 

Carolyn Beatty, Client Services Coordinator: I have a dream that one day, we will all truly love our neighbors as we love ourselves, rather than valuing the self over all else. We are seeing more people believing in their exceptionalism than ever, and we cannot grow as a country or as a world if this is what is identified as most important. We need to lift each other up and recognize the greatness of others. I can make this dream come true by exercising empathy for those around me, especially those who have not traditionally had the same opportunities as others. 

Jalyssa Woodall, Digital Marketing Specialist: I have a dream that my future children will be successful, safe, and understood in a world that tends to give African Americans the short end of the stick. I can make my dream come true by setting a good example and educating them on trailblazers in our community. If I have a son, I’ll be able to tell him about successful black men like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and President Barack Obama, who, due to their dedication and courage, were able to make significant changes in our community. If I have a daughter, I’ll be able to her about successful black women like Vice President Kamala Harris and American politician Stacey Abrams, whose confidence and intellect has helped them to break barriers and implement real change, along with the other countless African American men and women who have stood the test of time and made things happen for our community.  

Megan Smith, Director of Client Services: I have a dream that the world will grow to be a more thoughtful place, where we support one another whether we know the other person or not. I can achieve this dream through my communication with other people – both verbal and nonverbal. Think before I speak or act. A simple smile, a hello, or offering a helping hand can change someone’s day in an instant. 

Nick Landsberger, Lead Designer: I have a dream that we all made a difference. Everyone collectively at the same time began to understand each other and within one single moment everyone cared. I can make my dream come true by looking at every moment as the moment that I can make a difference and, who knows, maybe we all will too. 

Zach Mau, Production Support: I have a dream that the adversity of scarcity will be abolished socially when we begin to work harmoniously toward the greater good. Some negative characteristics of open economies are reckless, exploitative, and violent action, with the intent of taking advantage of people and natural resources. I believe opportunity exists in an economy that is both more inclusive and where environmental impact informs decision-making. I can make my dream come true by rethinking my symbiotic relationship with nature, avoiding the scarcity mindset, and supporting renewable, sustainable, and geothermal energy. 

Zac Davis, Senior Developer: I have a dream that we will be able to reverse the effects of climate change in our lifetime, and I can make my dream come true by reducing my immediate carbon footprint, using sustainable transportation, eating a plant-based diet, and supporting initiatives that promote awareness and education. 


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