Add insight and powerful functionality to your website with financial data.

Whether its stock quotes or performance charting, traders and investors have high expectations for the interfaces they interact with. Display financial data in a user interface that is designed to attract and keep investors using your applications.

Financial Data Suppliers

Let us help you source the right financial data source. Stocks and commodities quotes and charts, fund data, financial calendar data, weather, news and more we work directly with leading financial data providers to power your applications. Here are just of the few data providers we work with.

Back Office Data Processing

Leverage our experience working with leading back-office systems and fund administration services to provide customers access to statements, trade information, account information, and more. Through building systems such as our FCM1 portal and client projects, we’ve developed a library of code and a wealth of experience in working with leading systems such as:

  • Sungard – GMI now FIS – Stream
  • Sungard UBIX
  • Interactive Brokers
  • Various fund administrators
  • Various mainframe and processing systems

Beyond the Data

Some financial data providers provide ready-to-use interfaces for quick and easy implementation. Others provide access to the data directly allowing us to go beyond the basics and create a unique looks and functionality for your website.

Data drives the markets.

And we understand how crucial data is to your business.