Hosting & Support

Gate 39 Media provides full range of website design, management and monitoring services including:  web hosting and support services,  website support and maintenance services, applications, marketing software, and custom solutions – so you can enjoy a one-stop development and support experience.

Customized Applications & Modules for Financial Firms

Meet Financial Industry
Hosting Requirements

Our hosting solutions are specially designed to meet the requirements of the financial industry. When it comes to back-ups, content archiving, security features, and best practices—you can rest assured we’ve got you covered. We provide both basic and advanced levels of hosting and support to meet your needs.

Hosting Environments

Hosting solutions include WordPress LAMP-based websites, Microsoft hosting environments on bare metal or in the cloud, and Amazon S3 storage. Additionally, we rely on our hosting providers for not only hosting, but engineering and additional support, so we’ve selected what we believe to be leading providers for our clients.

Management & Monitoring

  • Uptime Performance
  • Updates & Edits
  • Software Upgrades


  • Load Time Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • SSL & GDPR Compliance

Have questions on how to add new content to your website? Want to add a video to your website? Need to make a change to the disclaimer in on your website? Simply contact us or access our online support portal for FAQs and tips for many commonly asked questions.


  • Active & Passive Security Protocols
  • Uptime and Capacity Alerts
  • Firewalls

Beyond the server itself, we monitor the performance of your actual website and provide support for application errors that may occur—an area where a hosting firm cannot provide support. Additionally, for our WordPress hosted sites, we provide periodic upgrades to WordPress at no additional charge. This ensures you have not only the latest features, but the latest security updates.


  • CRM & Contact List Management
  • Marketing & Sales Automation
  • Process Management & Support

Gate 39 Media assists in onboarding new HubSpot users and executing campaigns, and by helping existing subscribers get more from their HubSpot set-up. More than just “an implementer” the strong technology team can integrate HubSpot’s powerful API into custom applications and help businesses manage and extend their marketing automation power.


  • Payment Integration & Subscription Processes
  • Market Data and Content Delivery
  • Mobile Access and SMS/Texting App Notifications

We custom build innovative and robust applications and modules for financial and agribusiness firms that meet specific needs, save money, improve operations, and generate amazing customer experiences. Leverage our coding knowledge to develop and manage systems that build businesses quickly, accurately, and cost effectively.

Support & Resources

Gate 39 Media provides accessible customer service and support for both technology and marketing clients by phone, through dedicated support emails, or via support tickets submitted through our Customer Support portal, which offers a library of additional support FAQs and resources

Cybersecurity Essentials

Business Website Cybersecurity Essentials:

An Essential Checklist of Protective Measures for Online Security

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