How HubSpot’s Account-Based Marketing Empowers RIAs to Reach High-Value Clients

Marketing Technology

Reliable and flexible Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is a critical component of most businesses, but nowhere is this truer than in the Registered Investment Advisor (RIAs) arena.

RIAs must rely on CRM technology to help organize, centralize, and secure sensitive key client data and activity as well as help manage communication exchanges that underpin client relationships. However, advisors also need the Marketing software that works in conjunction with a CRM database to get the most out of serving and delighting existing clients — as well as connecting with and nurturing potential high-value accounts.

Why RIAs Should Consider HubSpot

HubSpot’s CRM and marketing software are an all-in-one solution tightly synced in the same environment, unlike some CRM and separate marketing solutions that do not fit perfectly together, or that do not align or sync perfectly.

HubSpot helps RIAs manage contacts and leads as well as deliver content in the right format, at the right time, in the right way, in front of the right people. And HubSpot has developed even more complete products to help serve the needs of RIAs and financial services firms within a singular ecosystem, including robust Account-Based Marketing.

HubSpot’s tools for account-based marketing are available in Marketing Hub Professional and Sales Hub Professional products. With the majority of new ABM tools shared between Marketing Hub and Sales Hub, it’s easier than ever for teams to work better together to target high-value clients.

Powerful Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

HubSpot allows marketing and sales to unify with collaborative, intuitive ABM tools that create seamless buying experiences for high-value RIA accounts.

Independent financial advisors or small firms likely do the bulk of their marketing themselves. And with HubSpot, putting an account-based marketing strategy in action is painless.

With HubSpot, RIAs can quickly and intuitively:

  • Set their ABM strategy using HubSpot tools
  • Define ideal customer profiles in workflow templates and identify good-fit target accounts
  • Set up default properties to tag accounts and buying roles
  • Leverage AI-powered recommendations of target accounts to ensure sales never miss a beat
  • Do it all within a CRM that holds existing customers and qualified leads, so they never have to worry about losing important contact details across marketing and sales.

Collaboration for Teams Large and Small

HubSpot’s Target Accounts Home feature gives marketing and sales teams a high-level view of progress across all target accounts. And with Slack capabilities, these teams can enjoy even greater collaboration to support high-value target accounts, create channels named after the deal or account, regularly post KPIs, and share useful notes automatically between Slack and HubSpot.

Tools for Attracting High-Value Accounts

HubSpot’s ABM tools help RIAs and their marketing teams personalize content and tailor how one can engage with stakeholders within an account. With new account-level targeting added to the LinkedIn Ads integration, RIAs can target companies by target account status or tier, and contacts or subsets of contacts at target accounts.

The account overview sidebar, the ABM playbook for sales reps, and a native integration to link HubSpot and LinkedIn Sales Navigator accounts serve to even further deepen relationships with people over time, helping build authentic connections with stakeholders within each account.

Measure Results from End to End

Track and measure key milestones throughout an account’s journey, continuously using data to adapt and iterate on your ABM strategy. Get a more detailed understanding of what’s happening at an account level with the account overview feature or get a higher-level view using out-of-the-box ABM reporting dashboards. You can even use company scoring to identify the highest value accounts and help prioritize reach outs.

How Can Gate 39 Media Assist with HubSpot?

As a Platinum HubSpot Agency Partner we assist financial clients and RIAs with HubSpot setup, onboarding and optimization, which means we can get you set up with a full stack of software for marketing, sales, and customer service, with a completely free CRM at its core. They’re powerful alone — but even better when used together. We also help existing HubSpot clients get the most out of their HubSpot instance.

If you’re interested in a personal demo of HubSpot, contact Gate 39 Media today!


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