How HubSpot’s Contact Record History Delivers Insight That Empowers Businesses to Market and Sell More Effectively

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HubSpot’s contact record history view of timelines and actions has always been one of, if not THE, biggest point of value for sales teams.

Contact Record Snapshot

Imagine someone visits your website that your marketing and sales teams are actively trying to reach. How much more personalized and effective could a sales call be if your team could see what activities that person took – and when?

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Imagine how much more effective marketing assets and even customer service could become if your team could view key interactions that a contact had with your company.

This is the true power of the contact record history.

Creating contact records in HubSpot enables your team to record and retrieve information on anyone your business interacts with, helping everyone to stay on the same page.

Navigate to the contact record

In HubSpot, get started by viewing history of all properties in a record:

Here are just a few examples of valuable contact activities that HubSpot can document in a contact record’s history:

View contact email opens, clicks, and replies

By being able to see how your contact has interacted with communications, you can ensure sales information has been received by contact. Sales teams with this information can consider if they want to reach out via phone if a contact is not opening emails.

A closeup of a contact record

Contact record timeline

Track page views to see if contact is engaging with website

Contacts who are actively viewing pages might have a higher likelihood of purchasing, and by being aware of the contact’s activities, sales and marketing can track the buyer’s journey better.

Page views snapshot

Review which workflows or sequences contacts have been enrolled in or completed

This can help sales teams understand where contacts are within an automated outreach pipeline.

Workflow activity

Track if contacts are opening sales documents

What salesperson doesn’t want to know if their proposal has been received and viewed? Sales teams can send documents to specific contacts and then track if the contact has opened them. This is powerful insight that can signal to a sales rep to reach out and ask if the contact has any questions or is ready to move forward.

Sales document activity view

View form submissions

Your web forms are the doorways through which contacts and leads enter, so it is critical to be able to see if a contact has registered for an event, downloaded an offer from a landing page, or has filled out a contact form.

Form submission view

Does your sales and marketing software deliver powerful contact activity insights?

If you answered no, then consider how HubSpot could be the solution your sales and marketing team has been looking for to get to know your audience better, market your value proposition better, identify and close deals more efficiently, and to serve your customers better.

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