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Much of the value HubSpot offers its customers comes from its robust reporting capabilities. HubSpot reporting offers clients the ability to create dashboards and reports on marketing, sales, customer service, and website traffic data. This post will walk you through the reporting capabilities found within HubSpot’s free option and 3 paid packages. We will also showcase some of the dashboards, standard reports, and custom reports we suggest for marketing, sales, and service teams.  A dashboard is a compilation of reports that can be tailored to specific teams, business units, and interests. Dashboards can be recurringly emailed to interested parties in an organization.      

Reports Available with HubSpot’s Free and Starter Tier

HubSpot is one of the only CRMs to give free and starter-level customers access to powerful reporting and analytics tools. Under the Free and Starter pricing, HubSpot provides its Report Library. The Report Library has 181 premade reports that cover data ranging from website and blog activities, lifecycle stages and funnel conversions, marketing email performance, deal, and ticket tracking, and revenue attribution.


The image above is an example of one of the reports available in the Report Library. This report shows the distribution of which source type contributes to recently created contacts. In this case, offline sources contribute to 57% of contacts created in the last 30 days, followed by direct traffic. Reports on contact source data give insight into which types of marketing or sales efforts generate contacts. Ideally, direct traffic and organic search, and social would be your greatest contributors to lead generation.

Recommended Reports from the Report Library  

  • Marketing & Website Traffic  

  • Traffic analytics trends 
  • Session bounce rate, average duration, and page view totals by source 
  • Landing page total views and form submissions 
  • Marketing email sent totals with engagement rates 
  • Contact totals by lifecycle stage 
  • Contact totals by source with lifecycle stage breakdown 
  • Sales 

  • Contacts created and worked totals with deals created and won totals 
  • Deal closed totals vs. Goal 
  • Deals open by close date of this month 
  • Deal leaderboard – all time amount closed by rep 
  • Team activity totals 
  • Activity leaderboard by rep with type breakdown 
  • Service 

  • Ticket totals by status 
  • Ticket totals by category 
  • Ticket totals over time 
  • Chat conversation totals over time 
  • Ticket average response time by source 
  • Ticket totals by source 

Reports Available with HubSpot’s Pro Tier

Upgrading to HubSpot’s Pro levels unlocks powerful reporting capabilities, including the creation of custom reports, funnel conversion reporting, contact creation attribution, and deeper website traffic analytics.  

Gate 39 leverages the above reports to create dashboards for specific teams within the organization. For example, marketing, sales, and customer service teams each have their own dashboard tailored to their key performance metrics. We also create cross-functional dashboards, like our Smarketing reporting, that integrates both sales and marketing data. 

Attribution reporting is one of the most important marketing reporting tools we use. These reports give us insight into which sources, assets, and campaigns generate the most leads. For example, we use this Contacts Created by Campaign attribution report to analyze which campaigns produce the most leads. Based on this report, we then might put more advertising money into the campaign or remove other campaigns that are not performing well.

Sales dashboards typically include reports on closed or lost deals and revenue, the number of sales-qualified leads or opportunities generated each month, or sales reps’ activities, such as call and meeting volume. For instance, this report shows the total deals created each month compared to the number of deals created in the previous year. 

HubSpot reports can also be used to display and analyze customer service data. For example, information on number of tickets, average ticket closing times, and types of tickets can be presented on a dashboard for the service team. Reports can also show which sources contribute to ticket creation. This report demonstrates that email support requests account for the greatest number of tickets in the last year. 

Recommended Reports from the Report Library

  • Marketing & Website Traffic 

  • Marketing qualified lead created totals by day and source 
  • Contacts Created by Campaign 
  • Form submission performance 
  • Marketing Email Sent Totals with Engagement Rates 
  • Ad campaigns with cost per contact 
  • Sales 

  • Contacts Became SQLs (MoM) 
  • Companies Became Opportunities (MoM) 
  • Total Deals Created (MoM) 
  • Total Deals Closed Won (MoM) 
  • Total Deals Closed Lost (MoM) 
  • Service 

  • Open tickets by priority 
  • Open tickets by rep 
  • New tickets created by source 
  • Average time to close by rep 
  • Average time to close by client 


Reports Available with HubSpot’s Enterprise Tier

Most organizations will find all the reporting they need in the Pro levels of HubSpot. However, Enterprise hubs open the ability to create deal and revenue attribution graphs and track custom behavioral events. This graph, for example, reports on how much revenue an asset type generated in the last 60 days. Reports like these can help decide about which assets marketing and sales teams should focus on creating. 


Need help with reporting? 

HubSpot’s reporting tools are powerful and can be created by both novice and experienced users. However, collaborating with HubSpot experts can expedite your reporting capabilities and give your team quicker and deeper insight into how well your marketing and sales efforts are performing. Reach out to Gate 39’s HubSpot team if you would like support in your dashboard report development. You can also launch a free HubSpot demo for an up-close tour to see the power of email drip campaigns and other automation tools.

Gate 39 Media is here to help you strengthen your financial marketing strategy; Contact Us and let’s get started!

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