Nanhua CEO Shares Insights About Chinese Futures Markets [Video]

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The Gate 39 Media team caught up with our friend Sunny Wang, CEO of Nanhua USA Holding, one of the largest Chinese-based FCMs operating in the United States, to talk about the growth of their brand in 2022. In addition, Sunny offered insights about how the Chinese futures markets and new legislation have impacted their US clearing business exponentially over the last 12 months.   




  • Nanhua is a futures commissions merchant firm focused on the CME market, providing clients with opportunities and access to Chinese markets.  
  • New futures legislation, published and effective since August 1st, has opened tremendous opportunities in the futures markets.   
  • Futures opportunities in the Chinese markets have created dynamic growth opportunities doubling and tripling the size of Nanhua’s managed funds to nearly 300 million in 2022.   

Nanhua’s goal for 2023 is to open opportunities for investors in the Chinese markets and help them become more successful in trading.

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