FIA Expo 2022 Recap

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Gate 39 Media team attended the FIA Expo and Conference on Nov. 14 -15 at the Sheraton Grand Chicago Riverwalk as exhibitors for the first time! The excitement to be back in-person was electric and the jam-packed two-day conference was filled with informative panels, presentations, and a lively tradeshow area that hosted several networking events.   

The Gate 39 team enjoyed meeting with attendees throughout the financial industry, discussing industry trends in marketing, technology, support, and CRM services. The team also spent time with various clients and even recorded videos for social media and blogs, recapping the event and getting their thoughts on the state of the industry. 


Video and Connectivity Will Define 2023 


The FIA Expo allowed to sit down with our own Gate 39 Media CEO, Shane Stiles, for his perspective on what’s new for the financial services industry. We also caught up with author Chuck Mackie to explore Futures & Options market trends for 2023.   

To start, Shane Stiles outlined two key trends in marketing that will define 2023; Video and Data Connectivity.  

“Everyone is talking about social media and “Is TikTok a thing or not? Does it fit with financial firms?” But short-form video is here to stay. Everyone is using video, whether retail, institutional, or targeting specific client types. With video, you can view tracking and get analytics, and with connected TVs like Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube, you can advertise directly to your customer base.

The other trend is connectivity and taking several data sources and applications and uniting them into one location, your CRM. We’re doing lots of custom API integration to bring data into one location. This helps to manage the entire customer experience, have excellent operational performance, and move sales and marketing teams along.”


An Insider’s View of the FIA Expo


To get an insider view of the expo and forecast what’s coming in 2023 in Futures & Options, Gate 39 Media’s friend and colleague Chuck Mackie attended each panel discussion and recapped his thoughts on the critical points of the conference. From the FTX Collapse to Clearinghouse Risk, here are some of the highlights from the Expo.

Walt Lukken, in his 11th year leading FIA, touched on several hot-button issues before sitting down for a one-on-one with CFTC Chairman Rostin Behnam for a frank discussion on the FTX collapse and why the CFTC is a model agency for balancing oversight with innovation. Topics of the day included discussion of issues such as:    

  • innovation and fair competition in digital asset product development  
  • possible disintermediation of clearing firms   
  • problems in commodity and climate markets  
  • the potential boom in events markets   
  • the need to “support open, transparent and competitive markets 

FIA Panel Highlights


  • The Regulatory Battleground Panel, moderated by Dan Davis, discussed the challenges in commodity market volatility, possible disintermediation through new clearing models, and the evident flaws of cryptocurrency “exchanges.”  
  • The Exchange Leader Panel– Walt Lukken and Jeff Sprecher discussed ICE’s focus on mortgage markets inefficiencies, how they will address them, and how he expects crypto-focused regulation to advance in Congress.   
  • The Crypto Spring vs. Crypto Winter Panel was unanimously optimistic and favored “Spring,” when pressed about the status of crypto markets featuring panelists like Nick Baker of Coindesk, Kristin Johnson of the CFTC, and Greg Tusar from Coinbase.  
  • The Clearinghouse Risk: A Work in Progress? The panel featured guests from Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, Societe Generale, ESMA, ICE, Eurex, and CME. They navigated clearinghouse issues like flawed crypto markets, volatile commodity and energy markets, transparency, and ESMA.   
  • The Innovation: The Evolution of Post Trade Technology Panel explored futures processing. DMIST is an industry-wide effort to improve performance, particularly regarding give-ups and other post-trade operations.   
  • The One-on-One Discussion between Jackie Mesa of FIA and outgoing CEO of the OCC, John Davidson, explored how “defi” and the savings and loan industry in the 80s is echoing in the present as greed, fraud, and an incompetent regulator led to spectacular losses. 
  • The Conversation with Women on the Rise Panel. The industry has made great strides in encouraging and advancing women’s careers, but much more work is needed.  
  • The Innovators Pavilion is one of the highlights of the Expo, focused on new and emerging companies pushing the boundaries of the futures and capital markets.  Nine companies, each given four minutes to pitch to a panel of five judges. The judges selected a runner-up, a winner, and a People’s Choice award as well. 

View the Full Expo Recap Here 


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