Data Connectivity and Video Marketing for 2023 [Video]

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We recently sat down with Gate 39 Media founder and CEO Shane Stiles at the FIA Expo to divine marketing trends for 2023. Shane shared his insights and how Gate 39 Media will continue helping financial services and Ag clients achieve holistic operational value through 360 Degree CRM Data Connectivity, Custom Tech Integrations, and Video Marketing in 2023. 

360 Degree Data Connectivity & Custom Tech Integrations


“The marketing trend going into 2023 is connectivity, taking several data sources and applications and uniting them into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution.  We’re creating custom API integration to bring data into one location to manage the entire customer experience, have excellent operational performance, and move sales and marketing teams along.”– Shane Stiles. 

  • Customer Relationship Management- One tool to connect all your data and tech into one easy-to-use platform. HubSpot CRM offerings include a full suite of services, including marketing, sales, and service hubs, offering 360 visibility and automated client nurturing through the entire customer journey.   
  • Customer Onboarding Portal- Gate 39 Media launched a lightweight, front-end, API-driven customer onboarding portal and operational hub. The API integrates execution and clearing technology that onboard clients in minutes. It runs on any mobile device and integrates with CRM giving transparency across the firm and the ability to manage accounts.   
  • Agricultural API Integrations- In the Ag sustainability sector, firms will leverage the power of cloud-based applications like BI and ETL tools to integrate, build, and manage farm field data, pull survey questions, and create reporting with minimum development.   


Video and Media Production


Everyone is talking about social media and “Is TikTok a thing or not? Does it fit with financial firms? Short-form video is here to stay whether retail, institutional, or targeting specific client types.

  • Tracking and Analytics- With video, you can view tracking and get analytics, allowing firms to precisely advertise, achieve measurable KPIs, and generate higher ROI.  
  • Direct Advertising- With connected TVs like Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube, you can advertise directly to your customer base. 


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