Service Hub’s Enhanced Customer Service Software Helps Businesses Deliver Outstanding Results

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In pursuit of relentless improvement, HubSpot is relaunching an updated version of its industry-leading Service Hub featuring 8 new and innovative, solution-based components. These upgrades will roll out over the next 24 months.

Service Hub integrates your customer service data and channels into one CRM and empowers businesses to move from outdated, disconnected, and ineffective customer service models to an integrated, highly customized, and proactive model.

The winner in all this? Your business and your customer.

Service Hub’s improvements help teams and customer service agents to resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently through real time analytics and customer service automation.

New and enhanced tools include:

There are compelling metrics linked to the use of Service Hub. Over 12 months, users saw a 17% greater ticket close rate, 2.4 hours less time for customers to respond to a ticket, and 107% increase in deal close rate when businesses used both Service Hub AND Sales Hub.

When asked about his experience with HubSpot, Merk McCarthy, Katapult’s Director of Marketing said:

“When marketing and service are working hand-in-hand, you’re not having separate conversations with the customer. You can have a conversation that takes them end-to-end through your process. Without a tool like HubSpot, you’re piecemealing it…and the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.”

Revered entrepreneur Cameron Mitchell made his Customer Service mantra undeniably plain when he instructed his employees, “Your ONLY job is to make raving fans of our customers!”

There is no denying the critical role customer service plays in delighting customers. However, without a successful CS strategy and the consequent delivery tools, brands simply cannot succeed.

No matter how well your Marketing and Sales departments have delivered excellent results and an elevated customer experience, if your customer service protocols fail to provide the response customers want, they will probably not use your product again and will tell their friends about their experience.

Service HubAccording to the Harvard Business Review, it is 5-25 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than nurture and retain an existing one. 1

Supporting this business axiom is the Inbound Marketing Methodology wherein marketing, sales, and customer service are equal parts of a holistic customer journey. Each sector supports the other to build a business on its existing and incoming clients.

Rigid, one-size-fits-all customer service models often lead to a bogged down process that fails to solve customers’ most pressing needs leading to customer frustration. Customers who have to repeat information from one department to the next or who experience long wait times are left with frustration and the feeling that the company has not valued them.

Service Hub’s upgraded customer service automation platform brings historically disjointed departments, rigid channels, and inefficient systems under a new umbrella of flexible options, integrated and shared information, and an authentic customer service journey.

With customer expectations higher than ever, meeting that demand with integrated tools and greater team member efficiency becomes increasingly critical.

96% of customers say that customer service is vital in their choice of loyalty to a brand, while 90% report that an “immediate” response is critical when faced with issues or questions and expect an online portal for customer service.

Easy, Connected, Authentic

In simple terms, Service Hub’s customer service software gathers everything you do under one roof bringing your departments and processes into alignment through automated systems with authentic human interactions.

Real time feedback and customer data help brands determine when to automate and when to add alternatives to customer service automation.

Businesses that want to succeed in today’s market need to embrace the core value of a consistently elevated customer experience through agile systems and solutions.

It is precisely what HubSpot has set out to accomplish with its evolving customer service hub. Their nimble platform empowers your business to elevate the customer journey and deliver excellent service when your customer needs it most.

Plus, scaling your business has never been easier using the HubSpot cloud-based platform.

  • Drive team efficiency and response times with easy to learn, customizable tools
  • Turn customer insights and feedback into enhanced service modules.
  • Strike the perfect balance between how much customer service is automated and how much your customer receives human interaction

The principle of an agile, proactive approach empowers customer service teams to get ahead of issues rather than wait for problems to react.

Why It May Be Time for You to Integrate Your CS Processes into Service Hub

At one point or another, many businesses will realize that their customer service processes are operating out of sync with one another using a patchwork of disconnected software, databases, communications, and digital assets.

This is rarely the result of poor planning or disorganization, but the result of organic growth over time. As new business functions, processes, and challenges arise, organizations naturally look for various software solutions and operating procedures to meet the growing demand in each department.

Consequently, departments become “siloed” and often operate independent of one another which can lead to friction, inefficiency, and a loss of insight into how to best serve customers.

It follows the adage, “The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing”

In a recent survey, HubSpot found that 50% of customer service leaders listed time deficiency as the number one reason they cannot accomplish their goals. In addition, a staggering 53% of organizations do not believe they make it easy for customers to handle their issues.

So, how do you seamlessly integrate your processes and departments without a massive overhaul?

Service Hub helps solve these issues by offering an all-in-one automated customer service system that integrates critical business functions while tracking each customer through the entire customer service cycle.

Alignment, Automation, Success

Service Hubs New features help businesses elevate their CS game to a whole new level with enhanced modules in Help Desk, Omnichannel Service, and Fully Integrated CRM & Automation.

Check out some of the new and enhanced functions in Service Hub.


  • Shared Inbox. Centralize messaging and streamline communications across channels. The inbox is the connection point for all of your support channels – email, live chat, and FB messenger. You can forward a thread from one support channel to another. You can also toggle between channels on the same thread.
  • Custom Views. Help your teams stay organized and prioritize their work. Real time reporting help teams track workload volume, while managers can customize workflows based on ticket and conversation data.
  • Agent Presence. Amplify your team’s output and eliminate redundancies. For example, see when other agents view the same email or type in a message.
  • Mobile Inbox. Handle customer responses and ticket updates on the go! Connect with teams via @mentions and quick response times using snippets, document attachments, or images.
  • Knowledge Base. Reduce your ticket volume by generating a search-optimized database of support assets, videos, and documentation to help customers find what they are looking for faster & easier. Then, analyze your search data to improve content.
  • Customer Portal. Create a customized, branded portal and resolve issues faster by giving your customers access to past tickets and resolutions.


  • Live Chat: Help customers on your website in real-time. Automatically direct users to proper channels and team members with context-based conversations.
  • Chat Bots: Expand your team’s capacity with chat bot communications
  • Post Chat Feedback: Gather insight-based data to determine how your customer interacts with your CS teams. Then, deliver automated, customized feedback to customers post chat for enhanced customer experience.
  • Facebook Messenger Integration: Integrate your FB Messenger conversations directly into a shared inbox interface. Managers can assign specific chats to team members and create tickets.
  • Inbound Calling:  Speed is everything when serving your customers! Resolve complex issues quickly. Automatically upload inbound call data directly into HubSpot’s CRM. One-click connection to customers via Voice Over IP.
  • Conversation Intelligence: Your customer service calls are rich with important data. Mine that data with Conversation Intelligence to your calls and search for tracked terms. You can use tracked terms to trigger workflows and further automate your business.


  • Ticket Pipelines: Manage your ticket pipelines with maximum efficiency and customization.
  • Ticket & Help Desk Automation: Automate repetitive and manual tasks freeing your teams to focus on serving customers. Customize your nurturing cycles triggers based on tickets. Trigger notifications, set reminders, and generate team specific tasks.
  • SLA’s:  Set up service level agreements for tickets and monitor your Time to First Reply and Time to Close metrics.
  • Custom Feedback Surveys: Use automated surveys to test and track critical metrics like CSAT, and NPS, and customer loyalty. Then, follow up with your customers based on their response.
  • Service Analytics: Track and analyze your most important metrics like CSAT, average ticket close time, chat wait time, and support volume so you know where and when to pivot to meet your customers service goals.

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