Alternative Asset Managers – Is it Realistic to Raise Assets from RIAs?

Fund Marketing

Congrats alternative asset managers! You have launched or already have an established alternative investment product. Your website looks awesome, your team is in place, and your strategy is AMAZING! It’s all really looking good, but now you are wondering just how your product will get found by wealth advisors.

The desire for your product has shifted in a good way. It’s not just the institutional investor anymore. There are real, everyday RIAs out there looking for access to alternative investments. They want that downside protection, those uncorrelated returns, and oh…that Alpha. Yes, please.

Hedge Fund Marketing Essentials

Those individual investors are hearing that their 60/40 portfolio may need a new plan and are asking for access to alternatives. And they expect their wealth advisors to get it for them. This becomes the rub, as the amount of product to choose from resembles a page pulled from “Where’s Waldo”.

How Can You Stand Out from Other Alternative Investments?

MAKE IT EASY – Alternative asset managers must provide RIAs with marketing collateral that is educational, concise, easy to navigate, and can be handed directly over to a potential investor. Wealth advisors don’t have the bandwidth or the time to prepare and present a dazzling sales pitch on your behalf. Do the work for them and do it well. (More on this later) Remember to emphasize what makes you unique!

MAKE IT SAFE – Again, do the work. Make sure your compliance is on point. Get that 3rd party Due Diligence Report completed, get your performance reports and PPMs in order. Make sure you have cleared all the hurdles that could slow down the flow of information or an allocation.

SHOW OFF! – Let’s return to the absolute necessity of digital marketing collateral. Not only will your amazing marketing allow you to stand out in the vast sea of managed funds but staying digital will also make you visible. Part of your appeal will be how easy and intuitive it is to access your information, the other part will attract your target audience like bees to honey.

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring an Inbound Marketing Agency
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Make Your Fund Attractive Through Marketing

    1. Have a marketing plan or hire a company to do this. Bonus points if the company has extensive knowledge in Alternatives. This marketing plan will be the foundation.
    2. Keep it automated. Your marketing efforts can be wrapped in reporting that will track every view, every click, and every download. It will even track your ROI.
    3. Be a storyteller. Position your human capital to shine brighter than your numbers. Relationships matter and the people that make your product amazing are also what can make it memorable. Show your value with your performance but really shine with your personality.
    4. Content, content, content. You are smart and you have things to say. Your team is brimming with information, they have untapped ideas that should be shared. Do it. Write the blog, record the podcast with your brilliant friend, shoot a quick video of yourself talking while on a walk. Produce it and then share it with the world! They won’t find it if you don’t tell them where to look. When you share your content, whether it is educational, anecdotal, or serious, you make yourself organically attractive.

All the above will help you set the stage for your RIA reach-out, but there is so much more you can do.

Gate 39 Media is a great partner for defining or streamlining your brand and building your foundation with marketing collateral that will amplify your visibility. Make an appointment to learn more.

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