From website designs and pitchbooks, to CTA database and tear sheet solutions, we offer complete marketing for commodity trading advisors.

A commodity trading advisor (CTA) is an individual or firm who advises a customer on buying and selling of futures contracts or options on futures, or certain foreign exchange contracts. The CTA registration is required by the National Futures Association, the self-regulatory organization for the industry. A CTA acts much like a financial advisor, except that the CTA designation is specific to providing advice relating to commodities trading.


“I needed a pitchbook created on short notice for an upcoming conference. I turned to Gate 39 Media because they came well recommended. They got the pitchbook done, and it looked great! In fact, one client even said it looked like a pitchbook from a billion dollar hedge fund!”

— Carl Rothenbacher, Red River Capital

Marketing for CTAs

Lots of firms can make attractive websites and market content, but our knowledge of the futures industry is what makes our marketing deliverables better. Our experience working with CTAs, IBs, FCMs, and Funds is the foundation for our deep knowledge of marketing managed futures and alternative investments. Compliance? Check. D-docs? Check. Lead generation? Good there (and yes, CTAs are responsible for generating leads).

Marketing Services

Technology for CTAs

Investors expect instant access to performance data. Our exclusive CTA Performance Module automatically generates performance tables, VAMI charts, product charts, and Risk and Correlations tables.

While performance counts, the look, feel, and organization of your logo, website, pitchbook presentations, performance tear sheets and materials creates an impression with investors. Make it the right one.

Technology Services

Let’s discuss how we can help your CTA increase AUM.