Gate 39 Media Makes CIO Review Magazines 20 Most Promising HubSpot Solutions Providers List for 2022

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Gate 39 Media, Platinum HubSpot Partner, was just named one of CIO Review Magazine’s 20 Most Promising HubSpot Solutions Providers for 2022!


Gate 39 Media’s VP of Technology, Keller Hawthorne, sat with the CIO Review team to discuss the secret behind Gate 39 Media’s HubSpot success in helping clients achieve maximum results through its robust platform in CIO Magazine’s August HUBSPOT Edition.                            

As a HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner, Gate 39 Media’s expertise lies in broadening HubSpot’s scope from being a marketing automation tool to a powerful CRM and Sales Enablement Powerhouse.

“We tend to onboard Sales Hub more than Marketing Hub, which is quite astounding given that most agencies specialize in the reverse,” says Keller Hawthorne, VP of Marketing Technology at Gate 39 Media. “This is one aspect that helps us stand out as a solutions partner.”   

As digital marketing continues to dominate as one of the quickest and most efficient ways to connect with audiences across markets, companies are turning to automation tools and CRMs as a way of:  

  • connecting with their target audiences with powerful automation  
  • streamlining and unifying their sales, marketing, and service processes  
  • Gaining market share and scaling their business   

The more quickly and efficiently CRM technology can help businesses achieve those results through inbound marketing, the more CRM platforms like HubSpot become the premier choice of companies everywhere for building and scaling their businesses.   

HubSpot empowers businesses to create highly targeted marketing assets, generate steady streams of qualified leads, and move their leads through the marketing funnel with greater velocity and enhanced ROI.   

Yet, as with any powerful tool, it helps to have an expert guide to onboard companies onto HubSpot’s’ robust platform.  Download our Definitive Guide to Understanding HubSpot for Marketing 

About Keller Hawthorne

Keller Hawthorne is Head of Gate 39 Media’s HubSpot Practice, helping clients leverage data and technology to expand their reach, automate their outreach, and develop growth strategies that impact their bottom line. She has spent her career helping fortune 500 companies and international organizations successfully execute growth strategies using inbound, digital marketing, and sales enablement. Read more about Keller.

You can also launch a free HubSpot demo for an up-close tour to see the power of email drip campaigns and other automation tools. If you already have HubSpot but need help optimizing it, book a free review with Gate 39 Media.   

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