HubSpot’s Email Drip Campaign Automation for Financial Services Firms

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Is your financial firm taking full advantage of email drip campaigns and email marketing automation tools? A series of cheerful emails engage your target audience, forging powerful connections that lead to loyal customers. 

Drip campaigns drive 80% more opens than single-send emails and increase click-through rates by as much as 300%. They encourage people to recognize and trust your brand so they’ll keep turning to you for financial solutions.

A Definitive Guide to Understanding HubSpot for Marketing

Here’s what you need to know about email drip campaigns including the benefits, types, and features of effective campaigns. We’ll also explain how HubSpot makes it faster and easier for financial firms to create drip campaigns.

What Are Email Drip Campaigns for Financial Services Firms? 

You’ve heard the old sales adage, “Just because you are ready to sell doesn’t mean your customer is ready to buy.” Each customer arrives at the end of the sales funnel in their own time, so we call it a customer journey 

Drip email campaigns automatically deliver email messages to your target groups at scheduled intervals. As the name implies, emails “drip drip drip” into the audience’s inbox, establishing your brand as a reliable financial partner over time.  

It’s also a way of extrapolating and delivering your sales process into bite-sized pieces. For example, it often takes 8-10 points of exposure to your brand before a customer feels comfortable enough to purchase or commit to a product.   

Each targeted email in the sequence allows you to highlight the benefits and features of your product or service, lean into the reader’s pain points, overcome objections, educate the reader, and offer calls to action or promotions that will cause the lead to convert to a customer.  

From your audience’s perspective, your drip emails are welcome in their inbox and are always packed with helpful information. Each time someone opens one of your emails, they find a timely message that addresses their needs at the perfect moment. 

Email marketing drip campaigns are a small part of a larger financial inbound marketing strategy. Therefore, it needs goals and metrics that allow you to measure its effectiveness.  

Each drip campaign is precisely targeted to follow a specific path along the customer journey. In the overall inbound marketing methodology of “attract, engage, delight,” drip campaigns are intended to move customers from “engage” to “delight” and connect them to your brand. 

For financial firms, this means going beyond the basics of traditional financial messaging. For example, instead of just sending a generic onboarding email, “Your account is now active,” you’re thanking them for being your customer, offering additional resources, creating a call to action, and delighting them with relevant content! 

Drive additional engagement by using emails to drive customers to your social media, landing pages, and blog posts. 

Types of Drip Campaigns for Financial Firms 

Email drip campaigns for financial services are divided into categories according to what the customer is trying to do, plus their current location in the sales funnel. As your audience moves down through the funnel to the bottom, they go from vaguely interested prospects to loyal customers. 

Here’s how the sales funnel typically looks for a financial services firm: 

  • Top of funnel: Website visitors and prospective leads 
  • Middle of funnel: Marketing qualified leads, sales accepted leads and potential customers who are still in the consideration/evaluation stage 
  • Bottom of funnel: Account holders, customers expanding to additional financial services 

Various drip campaigns address what customers are trying to accomplish when they’re at the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel. So, for example, after someone moves through the funnel to the bottom for one of your core financial services, you can easily scoop them over to the top of the funnel for another financial service that provides additional value.

Common types of drip campaigns for financial services firms include:

  • Onboarding drip campaigns for new account holders.
  • Retargeting drip campaigns for site visitors who aren’t fully engaged with your company.
  • Lead nurturing campaigns for people who request something and might want more.
  • Post-event campaigns to stay connected with event attendees.
  • Cross-sell campaigns that introduce people to new solutions that meet their needs.
  • Abandoned cart campaigns for people who failed to finish the account setup process.

HubSpot for Financial Service Sales and Marketing 

HubSpot is one of the biggest names in drip marketing automation and email drip campaign software, and Gate 39 Media recently highlighted its position as the #1 CRM for scaling up a business. HubSpot email marketing tools are user-friendly, track essential metrics, and have the built-in flexibility to incorporate them into your overall marketing automation strategy. 

Use HubSpot to design and schedule your campaigns, then set it loose to deliver your emails and drive new leads directly to your sales and marketing team. HubSpot helps you to seamlessly integrate your marketing processes while it works silently in the background, delivering friendly messages that keep customers happy and engaged, making it the perfect choice for marketing automation for financial services. 

A HubSpot Playbook for Financial Services Firms

Personalization is the key to HubSpot for financial firms. Set up rules according to actions your contacts have taken in the past, then send the right message, at the right time, in the right way. 

HubSpot offers the added benefits of collecting valuable data and tracking information that supports smart marketing decisions. Track new customers, delight existing customers, expand profit margins, and see how it all positively impacts your company’s bottom line. 

Example of a Financial Email Drip Campaign 

Remember, drip campaigns are designed with the customer in mind. So, keep the customer’s needs front-and-center as you create the progression and content of your email marketing automation strategy. 

For example, an email drip campaign for wealth management could use the following sequence: 

  • Email 1: A thank you email that shows you appreciate their interest in wealth management and provides the downloadable information they requested.
  • Email 2: A follow-up email that reminds them you previously provided wealth management information and offers the additional resource of a wealth management guide.
  • Email 3: An email that reminds them about tax season and offers a tax checklist related to wealth management.
  • Email 4: A follow-up offer that provides additional wealth management resources from your blog, plus products that can meet their needs now and in the future. 

To see additional email drip campaigns, look at these email drip campaign examples and email drip campaign best practices from HubSpot. As a HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner, Gate 39 Media has extensive expertise with effective email drip campaigns for financial firms. 

Next Step: Turn on the Faucet for Your Email Drip Campaigns 

To start creating automated email drip campaigns for your financial services firm, check out our HubSpot Playbook for Financial Services Firms. If you already have HubSpot but need help optimizing it, book a free review with Gate 39 Media. 

You can also launch a free HubSpot demo for an up-close tour to see the power of email drip campaigns and other automation tools.

Gate 39 Media is here to help you strengthen your financial marketing strategy; Contact us to unleash the power of email drip campaigns or book a quick chat with us now and let’s get started!



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