How Financial Firms Can Use HubSpot’s Deal Pipelines to Track Trade Transactions

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Financial firms are rapidly moving their contact databases into CRM software like HubSpot. On its face, HubSpot is designed for traditional B2B companies that sell products or services to a single account. These sales typically follow a linear sales pipeline that HubSpot captures through their Deal Pipelines tool. Many of Gate 39 Media’s clients, however, do not follow a traditional sales pipeline. We work predominantly with financial companies whose clients are represented by trade accounts and the product or service is a trade transaction.

A Definitive Guide to Understanding HubSpot for Marketing

We have developed a method for converting HubSpot’s Deal Pipeline into a pipeline that financial firms can use to track trade transactions for existing clients or prospects. We hope this article provides you with new insights and direction on how your financial firm can better leverage HubSpot’s robust sales tools.

Step 1: Set Up the Stages of a Transaction

Using the configure tool in your deal settings, create a new pipeline and add your transaction stages. Rather than outlining a traditional sale, these stages should outline each important step in initiating a trade. The “Deal Probability” can represent the likelihood of funding if that offers you the best insights. Keep in mind that a new client may start at the first stage while current clients may begin a new transaction at a later stage.

HubSpot stages of transaction

Step 2: Create Custom Deal Properties Related to Trades

Once you have your Deal Pipeline and stages created, the next step is to ensure that your HubSpot Deals reflect key trade details. Each Deal in HubSpot will represent either an account or a trade that then moves through the Deal Pipeline

To do this, we’ll need to create some custom properties that will add transaction-specific information to deals, like Account Numbers, Account Types, and products associated with the trade. Simply navigate to your property settings and create any needed custom properties to the Deals object.

HS screenshot 2

Step 3: Create a Naming Convention

If you plan to use HubSpot to track both trade transactions and traditional sales, you may want to design a naming convention that will help your trade transactions stand out in reports and table views. This is a good idea for naming your traditional sales deals as well.

You may want to name your trade deals something like “TRADE: Full Contact Name” so that you can quickly see the type of deal it is and who it’s related to. Keep in mind that there is no “correct” naming convention though. Simply decide on what makes sense for your firm and then implement your naming rule.

Step 4: Set Up Deal Board Properties

As you start to create Deals and assign them to Deal Stages, your Deal Board will fill up. This board provides a quick snapshot of where each transaction sits in the pipeline.

Decide on which 2 properties will provide you with the most helpful information at a glance and use your view settings to assign those properties to the board view. In our example board, the company has chosen Transaction Amount and Close Date.

Transaction board in HubSpot



Step 5: Create Insightful Reporting

Once your Deal Pipeline is setup for your transactions and your custom properties are in place, you can create powerful reporting to show the active transactions amount, the number of transactions, and other important reporting data. Want to see how long a transaction takes to travel through each stage or what stages transactions tend to get stuck in? Use HubSpot’s custom dashboards to build out reporting that tells the story you need to share with your team.

HS screenshot 4
HS screen 6


Start Customizing Your Deal Pipelines

We hope you discovered some helpful tips on how you can utilize HubSpot’s deal pipelines to track your firm’s trade transactions. HubSpot offers a lot of customization options to ensure the platform can support your unique business. Don’t be afraid to ignore the default settings and create something new!

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