HubSpot Extends Coveted Playbooks Tool to Pro Users

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On May 10, 2022, HubSpot extended the Playbooks Tool from Enterprise Level to include Sales Hub’s Professional Level, allowing a whole new tier of users to leverage this incredible tool to create interactive content in the company, deal, and ticket records.

HubSpot’s Playbook Tool allows you to create highly customized sales enablement content and build it directly into your CRM (Customer Relationship Management). As a result, your teams have the assets they need, like call scripts, battlecards, notes, and reference materials, right at their fingertips to guide your leads and customers through a successful buyer’s journey.

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If you have ever watched a talk show, you have caught a glimpse of a producer holding cue cards so the host can deliver their lines without missing a beat. In much the same way, your sales teams require quick tools, reminders, coaching, and scripts to help them deliver consistent sales conversions

Playbooks are the perfect way to customize your sales protocols and integrate them directly into your teams’ processes at the moment they are interacting with a client.

For example, your brand might require a specific sales script or list of questions to be asked when a representative speaks to a client. The best way to ensure your teams follow specific protocols is to build them directly into their existing workflow.

Sales Enablement Tools at Your Fingertips

Using Playbooks’ push-button templates, you can formulate sales scripts or lists of critical customer questions in mere minutes with their most frequent answers. Your teams can record customers’ answers with preset quick-reply buttons or choose text field options for custom responses. Regardless, all responses are automatically recorded on the customer’s timeline.

Every time a sales team member interacts with a customer, they can quickly locate the right playbook to match the interaction and guide the conversation with texts, images, videos, links, and questions. This makes for a delightful customer and employee experience.

Keller Hawthorne“This is an incredible advancement for Pro users. The ability to access scripts and sales documents right where a salesperson is working (inside their CRM) is truly a game-changer. This is one of many reasons HubSpot is quickly becoming the most powerful CRM and sales enablement tool on the market.” 

– Keller Hawthorne, VP Marketing Technology, Gate 39 Media 

Competitive Battlecards 

Another unique sales tool HubSpot offers is Competitive Battlecards which serve as a quick reference when a client or customer asks how your product or service compares to a competitor. You can create a battlecard for each of your competitors so your sales staff can respond fast on their feet to objections and competitor questions.   

This gives your sales teams an incredible advantage when converting leads into paying customers and paying customers into raving fans!

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