Using Calls-to-Action [Video]


Calls to action, also known as CTAs, are one of the most critical aspects of your financial or agricultural content marketing campaigns. In a nutshell, a CTA is a suggested element that encourages a visitor to take a desired action. It is often presented as a button or a link leading to a landing page with a lead-capture form. A well-crafted CTA will compel the reader to act. 

If you’re not familiar with calls to action, here are a few very general CTA examples:

  • Request Program Details 
  • Take a Free Product Demo 
  • Subscribe to a Newsletter 
  • Book a Personalized Consultation with a Professional 
  • Take a Free Trial of a Service or Gain Limited Time Access to Gated Blog Content 
  • Register to Access a Free Webinar or Video 
  • Download a Special Report, Guide, Checklist, or eBook 
  • Open an Account  

Creating the perfect CTA can be challenging. It’s no longer enough to say, “Call us,” “Buy this,” or “Learn more.” You need to appeal to an audience that’s savvier than ever about digital marketing tactics. It’s all in the nuances.  

There’s a fine line between creating urgency and being too pushy or salesy, and your audience knows the difference. So, invest some time and care into developing the right CTA. Just as no two marketing campaigns have the same objective, your CTAs should be tailored to the outcome you want to affect.  

When it comes to CTAs, design matters. Beyond the right CTA phrase, designing an eye-catching CTA can be just as compelling as the wording itself. Where calls to action are concerned, the clearer and more obvious they are, the better. CTA buttons should stand out either within a shape (like a box) or with a contrasting color. 

Finally, let’s talk about where to put CTAs. Place CTAs where they seem natural throughout the content. Ideally, you want to intersperse them throughout your copy, including in between blocks of text on a web page or a landing page. CTAs can even live within headlines or paragraphs. And be sure to always place one at the end of a blog post. 

Are your CTAs performing? We can help optimize your content!  

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