6 HubSpot Tools That Specialized Insurance Firms Can Leverage to Streamline Sales and Marketing Processes

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Specialized insurance firms require comprehensive marketing tools that allow them to target specific demographics and buyer personas effectively. HubSpot tools offer several key sales and marketing tools that several of our own insurance firm clients have leveraged to save time in reaching a specialized audience of potential clients with the right message, in the right place, at the right time.

1. Blog Hosting in HubSpot

The HubSpot Content Management System (CMS) offers an array of benefits when it comes to hosting the business blog of specialized insurance firms.

  • Manage Inbound Campaigns with Ease

In addition to robust reporting in HubSpot, you can measure the success of Inbound campaigns, including:

    • Personalized calls to action (CTAs)
    • Pillar page content
    • Campaigns and planning
    • Internal links
    • Associating keywords to blog posts
    • Measurement of most viewed blogs
    • Identifying blog posts that generate leads

Insurance firms find an SEO-friendly tool in HubSpot blogs which help optimize keywords and feature a structure that allows for search engines to easily crawl content, not to mention the CMS offers fast loading speeds, a factor in contributing to lead generation.

How HubSpot Supports the Attract Phase

2. HubSpot Landing Pages

HubSpot tools empower insurance firm marketers to generate professional, branded, and user-friendly landing pages in a snap, without assistance from specialized programmers. HubSpot’s time-saving library of mobile-responsive, optimized pages are easy to edit, customize, preview, and publish.

Landing pages can be used in:

  • General Insurance Campaigns
  • Specialized Insurance Campaigns
  • Campaigns that target specific regions, industries, or buyer personas

HubSpot makes it easy to display personalized content, calls to action (CTAs), and dynamic forms as well as track and analyze landing page performance, so specialized insurance firm marketers can accurately view page performance and run reports on metrics, as well as A/B test landing pages.

How HubSpot Supports the Engage Phase

3. HubSpot Conversation Templates

Conversations is a HubSpot tool that allows insurance firm marketers and sales teams to view, manage, and reply to incoming messages from multiple channels. They can triage messages sent via email address, Facebook, or through their business website in one unified inbox. Tickets can also be created from each conversation to track a visitor’s experience with the firm.

  • Save Time with Conversation Templates

This feature stores email templates for one-to-one emails in a central location, so users can easily access them. This is particularly helpful for follow-up emails, such as sales follow-ups, so those messages can be sent with just a few clicks instead of having to re-type the follow-up message each time.

4. Calendar & Team Meeting Links

Another HubSpot tool that boosts efficiency for insurance firm teams is the Calendar tool for personal or team meetings.

This HubSpot tool allows users to create meetings links to share with contacts, leads, and customers so they can easily book meeting time with them. The personal or calendar link can be embedded in email signatures and in other locations to make booking meetings easy – without all the back and forth often involved in checking availability.

The difference between personal or team links is that with a team meeting link, anyone can schedule time on that calendar, and it pulls from the schedules of all the team members associated with that team. So, if a contact wants to book a call, that contact can just choose a time and HubSpot will assign that call to whoever on the team has availability at the chosen time.

Booked meetings can then sync with their connected Gmail or Office 365 calendar so appointments will always be up-to-date.

This automated administrative tool is incredibly useful for sales teams and client-facing representatives.

5. Tracking Deals through the Sales Pipeline

Successful insurance firms rely on efficient sales processes, operationally supported through software. HubSpot is designed to support each area of the pipeline, so sales and marketing teams can easily track and manage multiple deals.

Deal pipelines can be used to predict revenue and identify roadblocks in the selling process. Deal stages are the steps in your pipeline that signify to your sales team that an opportunity is moving toward the point of closing. Keeping track of deals’ progress in a deal pipeline provides a more detailed picture of projected revenue for a given time.

HubSpot makes it easy for insurance sales and marketing teams to tie potential revenue to each deal, to automatically set up activities for each of the deal stages and to see what marketing activities are influencing this revenue.

6. HubSpot Workflow Automations

Another key HubSpot tool that makes the lives of insurance firm sales and marketing teams easier, not to mention provides essential visibility into deals and sales pipeline activity, is Workflow Automation.

The workflows tool automates marketing, sales, and service processes. Internal processes that can be automated include notifying and assigning deals to sales team based on various qualifying factors, as well as rotating leads. External processes that can be automated include email marketing campaigns and lead nurturing.

If a contact moves from one stage of the deal or sales pipeline, HubSpot workflow automations can jump into action to support that contact’s lifecycle stage accordingly — so insurance firms can have the right nurture processes in place – and insurance sales teams can know exactly where in the pipeline their contacts truly are to deliver the right message at the right time.

While HubSpot offers a plethora of useful tools to support sales and marketing departments across all industries, sectors, and firm sizes, we’ve identified these 6 HubSpot tools as favorites of our specialized insurance firm clients.

Whether you have HubSpot and need help getting the most out of it, or if you’d like a demo to learn more about how HubSpot could support your business, contact Gate 39 Media today.


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