Talking Turkey: Top 5 HubSpot Features Financial Advisors Are Grateful For

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HubSpot features save financial advisors time, money, and hassle through easy-to-use functions, data integration capabilities and collection, attribution and reporting, and automated marketing features such as drip campaigns, sequences, workflows to support sales, and so much more.

Financial Advisors don’t want to spend their time marketing, they want to use their time developing relationships with clients (and the next generation) and researching new and innovative financial products so their clients don’t have to.

How HubSpot’s Account-Based Marketing Empowers RIAs to Reach High-Value Clients


We observed how financial advisor clients are using HubSpot and wanted to share the top HubSpot features financial advisors are clearly grateful to have at their disposal:

1. Marketing Automation is a Financial Advisor’s Best Friend

Marketing automation is a true example of working smarter, not harder. Being able to automatically (not just manually) send the right message to the right person at the right time is essential. HubSpot features enable advisors to automate content such as personalized emails, drip campaigns, follow-up information, blog updates, and monthly newsletters.

    • Personalized Emails – Advisors don’t need to sacrifice the personal touch; When composing a sales email template or a snippet, they can effortlessly insert a personalization token to tailor the content based on recipient.
    • RSS Newsletters – Dispatching monthly newsletters is a breeze using an RSS feed to auto-pull the latest blog posts into pre-made newsletter templates.
    • Lead Nurturing Drip Campaigns – Financial advisors can start to build long-lasting relationships with clients (even when they are still leads). The purpose of a lead nurturing strategy is to help your company create meaningful relationships with people at any point in their journey.

2. List Segmentation & Lifecycle Stages

Financial advisors’ leads AND clients fall into different classifications and categories. Since not everyone is at the same stage in the buyer’s journey, everyone shouldn’t be served the same content. With HubSpot, financial advisors can better segment and understand their contact lists to clearly determine who should receive what communications and when. This is a better alternative to manually fussing with spreadsheets or other clunky CRMs – HubSpot’s user-friendly all-in-one CRM and marketing stack simplifies segmentation and stages.

    • Active (Smart) Lists – A smart list, also known as an active list, is a contact list within a CRM that automatically updates depending on specific criteria. Contacts can be automatically added to the list when they fit certain criteria and can be automatically removed from the list when they no longer meet the list criteria.
    • Lifecycle Stages – Financial advisors can categorize contacts based on the lifecycle stage they are at in your marketing and sales processes. Updating the Lifecycle stage property consistently allows the visibility to determine where a specific contact is in a process, helping teams to better understand how leads are handed off between marketing and sales.

3. Dashboards That Help Turn Data into Action















HubSpot’s reporting is so powerful that some financial advisors who use Salesforce as their CRM — but prefer HubSpot’s visual reporting — connect Salesforce to HubSpot for the sheer reporting power. Financial advisors can customize reports using the HubSpot library of commonly used reporting templates or they can build their own custom report, choosing from pie charts, bar charts, donut charts, area charts, and more. Being able to view data in a meaningful way saves time and helps accelerate timely ideas and actions that support clients.

    • Dashboards – Financial advisors can organize related reports together in a dashboard, create new dashboards for different reporting purposes, share dashboards with other users in their account, or edit their visibility.
    • Custom Reports – HubSpot allows users to create custom reports based on objects – to analyze contacts, companies, deals, tickets, activities, funnels, multi-touch revenue attribution, custom contact attribution reports to help analyze the value of interactions that a lead has with your business and so much more.

4. See What’s Working with Attribution Reporting

Attribution features in HubSpot give advisors the ability to truly see which marketing and sales activities generated revenue. Having the insight to know which interactions lead to client conversions is key for financial advisors to capitalize on what is working.

    • Attribution Reporting – Businesses are increasingly pressured to provide evidence of the value of their work. At HubSpot’s 2019 INBOUND conference, HubSpot announced the release of its multi-touch attribution reporting. Multi-touch attribution provides marketing teams the data needed to showcase the fruits of their labor, an incredibly powerful tool for financial advisors.
    • Having Marketing, Sales and Service all in the same tool enables financial advisors to see the full context around a contact and how they’ve moved about in the buyer’s journey.

5. Harness the Power of HubSpot Integrations

HubSpot has an extensive marketplace of free integrations and APIs, allowing teams to continue to use certain processes/tools they already have in place while gaining more insight with HubSpot.

  • Salesforce Integration – The Salesforce and HubSpot integration enables financial firms the ability to automate lead management process, avoid mistakes and get a better view of sales activity.
  • Lead Intelligence Apps – HubSpot’s Leads application now provides intelligence on where your leads are in social media. Marketing and Sales organizations using HubSpot for lead tracking will automatically get data about where their leads can be found – For example, on Twitter or LinkedIn, with links directly to their profile. HubSpot finds this data for you, so that you don’t need to ask – and it’s completely automated. An incredibly useful tool for financial advisors.

In closing, smart financial advisors recognize that marketing software such as HubSpot is one of their key tools for success, enabling them to turn data into action – to turn leads into clients, to stay in touch with clients, easily provide product updates, reinforce their expertise with relevant content and ideas, and build avenues to delight clients through useful content, strengthening their loyalty and overall lifetime value.

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