The Benefits of Video Marketing

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The benefits of video marketing are manifold. Adding video content to your business’s marketing strategy is becoming an essential component. For businesses that want to capture their audience’s attention quickly and communicate their company’s unique value video content is invaluable.   

Explainer videos, product demos, and product videos are excellent tools to build customer trust, boost rank in search engine results pages (SERPs), increase conversions and email open rates, and target your niche market. Many industries, from financial services to real estate, have found great value in generating video content.   


5 Reasons Why You Should Include a Video Library on Your Website  


In the financial services industry, the highest-value connections are built on trust, and most people don’t choose their advisors lightly. Much care, research, and due diligence go into these decisions, often involving various interactions such as in-person meetings, sales calls, marketing materials, and independent study. Video and audio content move potential clients to the finish line faster than any other content medium. 


Video Humanizes Your Financial Service Expertise 


In today’s highly automated financial landscape, you can complete most activities without human interaction. Yet despite an AI driven banking and investment ecosystem, there are ideas, ideals, and people at its core, particularly when it comes to trusting an advisor or firm with your investments.  

Videos give you a way to make an emotional connection between those ideas and the audience you want to attract. So, while a video alone might not seal the deal, it’s a conversion vehicle you shouldn’t overlook.   For example, a financial advisor client has decided to create introductory videos for each of their advisors. Potential customers can see the person, hear them discuss their areas of expertise, and get an idea of their style and personality. 


Establish Trust with Potential Clients Quicker Than Any Other Medium 


Videos are popular for a reason. Unquestionably, video content is the way most people prefer to digest information. Which is why YouTube is the second most popular search engine next to Google.  

It also ranks as the second most popular social platform. It’s estimated that over one billion hours of videos are viewed on YouTube every day, which drives home one single point: people love watching videos and the benefits of video marketing cannot be understated.

  • Storytelling. Video gives you a chance to tell a story. Stories create an emotional response. People make some of their most important decisions based on how they feel about a product or service—not necessarily on price or any other metric. 
  • Reduce Bounce, Increase Time on Page. Videos on your website encourage people to stay longer on your site. The longer they stay, the better chance you have of converting them to paying customers. In other words, the value of video isn’t just about the content in the video; it’s also about boosting engagement from your site visitors. 
  • Good for SEO. Google prioritizes websites with video. Even if you’re already ranking high, it’ll help you stay there, and you’ll appear in more searches. 
  • Fast, Convenient. Video gives you access to a whole audience that might not have otherwise called or made an appointment. It’s a way to capture today’s consumers’ short-attention-spans and help them make critical buying decisions. 
  • Video Can Speak Directly to Viewers Who Are In Different Stages of the Buyer’s Journey. Video content can be customized with tailored messages and insight that speak to those who are in the awareness, consideration, and decision stages of the buyer’s journey. 


Creating Your Financial Media Library 


Video and other digital media create massive value for your organization, but when you’re consistently creating new content, pretty soon, you’re going to have a pretty sizeable collection. The next order of business is to devise a way to manage it. A media library is a central hub from which you can manage, share, and distribute content to your customers, employees, or other stakeholders. With everything in one place, it’s easy for everybody on your team to find what they need.

A financial media library also aligns efforts and reduces the time it takes to source and deliver content to a customer. It’s also a great way to connect your financial marketing to the sales process, facilitating communication between departments and encouraging conversations around content creation. With content centrally located, it’s easier to see the gaps and bring heads together to bridge them. 

Your media library also gives you a way to segment your content, so it’s more relevant to different departments and customer personas. Just about every department will benefit from having a fully realized media library—from training, orientation, and introductory videos in HR to high-level thought leadership for the executive suite, the sky is truly the limit. 

Now that you’ve sunk your teeth into the joys and benefits of videos, podcasts, and how to organize your growing collection into a cohesive format, it’s time to make it happen. 


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