Why Your Blog Is One of Your Most Powerful Sales and Marketing Tools [Video]


Your blog is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal.  

It’s a way to:  

  1. Answer your customers’ questions   
  2. Position yourself as a subject matter expert   
  3. Encourage engagements on social media   
  4. Drive traffic to your site  

It has a measurable effect on SEO rank and is an excellent way for potential customers to learn about your products and brand.   

How Likely are People to Buy Based on my Blog Article?   

To answer this question, HubSpot surveyed about 300 consumers to find out whether they had ever bought anything based on a company’s blog post. 56% of them said yes. That’s right, 56% of the people surveyed said they had bought a product or service based on what they had learned from a company’s blog posts.  

Digital marketers should find this statistic interesting, especially given the size of the target group and the popularity of other digital content marketing strategies, like video marketing and podcasting.  

Companies that blog:  

  • Get 55% more web traffic   
  • See 13 times better ROI than those that don’t   
  • Produce 67% more leads  
  • Enjoy up to 434% increase in index pages   

Blogs also allow you to dive deeper into a topic, and you can link out to landing pages where the reader can buy instantly. Additionally, you can promote other marketing content in your blog by embedding images or a video or linking to a podcast. Blogs can:   

  • Solve your customers’ pain points   
  • Answer their burning questions  
  • Lead them to a solution that makes their lives easier  

Ultimately, trust and authority are the two main goals of a blog. When done well, the format lends itself to simplifying complex concepts and delivering value without selling them anything.  

Conversion is the Goal 

Of course, the goal is to convince them to buy, but not in a salesy way. Instead, the idea is to offer value and inform readers that you have what they need to solve their problems. From that knowing comes trust.   

And that’s where the magic is!   

Good, solid advice builds trust and lends credibility. If the reader trusts your advice and resonates with your message, they’re more likely to purchase from you over a competitor.  

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