The Anatomy of a Financial Marketing Campaign: An Infographic


The skeletal infrastructure of a financial marketing campaign is more complex than one might think. To use a different analogy, this wheel requires several spokes to turn out results. And each spoke has its own sub-set of spokes.

A successful financial marketing campaign is comprised of a plethora of details that go unseen (and that we just didn’t have the space to cover in the infographic below), but that DO require time and expertise to set up — such as developing goals, KPIs and a timeframe in which to launch the campaign, setting up the campaign and attributing all assets within a marketing tool like HubSpot, ensuring the downloadable offer is approved and — if the offer is a PDF — that interactive links are working correctly, setting up an automated conversion path with a thank you email (at minimum), creating UTM-coded links for each marketing channel for accurate data reporting, identifying the best hashtags to use in social efforts, ensuring branding guidelines are adhered to for all digital assets, creating optimized landing page content with the right amount of content and with SEO-rich keywords, that notifications for form submissions are set to go to the right team members, that email templates are built, branded correctly, and email contact lists are prepared and communications are lined up, that social posts are scheduled for the correct dates and times and attributed to the correct campaign, that marketing data reporting dashboards are set up properly (such as in HubSpot, Google Analytics, etc.), that A/B testing has been considered, and so on and so forth.

All this — and let’s not forget that all individual assets in a financial marketing campaign must each be reviewed and greenlit by a financial firm’s compliance department, which can often add another layer of complexity and delay around approval and revisions. When it comes to preparing and launching a campaign in a certain timeframe, a financial marketer must be prepared well in advance of this component.

While we framed the very basic anatomical elements of a financial marketing campaign in the infographic below, a financial marketing campaign is all about the details. And we sweat the details for our financial marketing clients.

Anatomy of a Financial Marketing Campaign

Have questions about planning and executing a financial marketing campaign? If you’re a financial services marketer, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the inbound strategies available to you.

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