Tips Marketers Can Use to Encourage Sales Teams to Get On Board With HubSpot

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Sales and Marketing must work well together for successful business results. While marketers and HubSpot are a natural match, often getting an entire sales team to buy in, adopt, and regularly use HubSpot can be challenging.

The lightbulb moment for sales teams often happens when they can see the sales and marketing data they care most about presented in clear HubSpot dashboards.

Additionally, sales teams appreciate that HubSpot’s automated follow up notifications, tasks, and emails can save them loads of precious time.

HubSpot Sales Dashboard Example

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Here are 7 ways Marketing can encourage Sales to adopt and leverage the power of HubSpot:


  1. A Full Onboarding Session – pull in a HubSpot Certified specialist (like ours) to facilitate the HubSpot onboarding session, allow team members to ask questions and provide feedback, offer actionable ways for sales team members to get started, and set milestones.
  2. Get Sales team Buy-In by Highlighting Benefits of HubSpot ToolsHubSpot makes it easy for sales to identify the most qualified leads, enables seamless communication between sales and marketing teams, automates repetitive tasks to save time, and HubSpot has data-driven analytics, tools, and reports that sales will appreciate.
  3. Assign a Single Point of Contact (POC) – having a singular go-to for all things HubSpot can make life easier and reduce confusion for sales team members who have questions or need ongoing training.
  4. Encourage Sales Team Members to Dedicate Just 5 Minutes Each Day to HubSpot – When your team starts with a simple task, like entering in contacts or tracking new SQL activity for five minutes a day, they’re still logging in, using the platform, and are getting familiar with it. This will make it easier to incorporate new tools that help them become even more effective as they acclimate to the tool and begin to use it more.
  5. Hold Regular HubSpot Meetings – Focused team meetings and weekly check-in meetings create a space for sales team members to learn from each other how to better use HubSpot in their daily operations.
  6. Encourage Friendly Competition – For example, if your sales team is new to HubSpot, set a challenge to see who can log into and use their HubSpot account the most consistently. After that, you can up the stakes to see who can log the most deals in the HubSpot sales pipeline, and finally, graduate to who can close the most deals.
  7. Consider Hiring a HubSpot Partner Agency If you’re getting started with HubSpot, you don’t have to go it alone. A HubSpot Partner Agency like Gate 39 Media can help you get the most out of your investment.

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Does your sales and marketing software deliver powerful contact activity insights?

If you answered no, then consider how HubSpot could be the solution your sales and marketing team has been looking for to get to know your audience better, market your value proposition better, identify and close deals more efficiently, and to serve your customers better.

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